Jason vs Master Chief
Jason vs Master Chief
Jason on the left, Master Chief on the right. Charles Robinson in middle the Galactic Championship
Origin Friday the 13th, Halo
Debut: December 22nd, 2012-May 26th, 2013
Career: Both Active
Finishing Move: Jason: With Arms Wide Open (Series of Two Powerbombs)
Master Chief: Spartan Laser (Fireman's Carry Cutter)

This is a rivialry between Jason Voorhees and Master Chief over the M4G-Nation Galactic Championship. Both are vetrans of the roster and have had many matches over a long time span. Jason is the antagonist of the Friday the 13th slasher horror movie series, Master Chief is the Protagonist of the wildly popular video game series Halo. This has been called one of the best rivalries in M4G-Nation History and is backed by each man's position in the points.


Master Chief had been the Galactic champion before but left to complete in Shadow Force Wrestling . He failed to do anything there and when he returned had struggled to find a place on the roster. Jason had started off his career with a bang winning the Halloween royal rumble and becoming the King of Halloween and getting a contract. He would then beat the longest reigning Galactic champion Jack-6 in a non title matchup but would fail to win a Ironman match to get the title.


First meetingEdit

They would both take part in the Elimination chamber match for the Galactic championship at the Big Bang ppv. Also involved was The Hulk, BoJack, Bane, and the champion Jack-6. They would fight hard throughout and with Jason pinning Jack-6 there would be a new champion. It would go down to Jason vs Master Chief. Master Chief would hit Jason with a jawbreaker but Jason would kick out at 2.9. Jason would then catch Master Chief with his finisher With Arms Wide Open then pin Master Chief to become the new Galactic champion.

Second matchEdit

Jason was the champion and would have his first ever title defense in a triple threat match. Master Chief still wanted to be the champion and completed in a series of matches to become one of the two men to fight Jason the other being Marcus Fenix. The three would face off at Northern Lights with Jason getting the pin on Marcus Fenix. Master Chief would argue later since he never got pinned he never lost and thought he would get another shot at a later date.

Other fightsEdit

Master Chief would put his chase for the Galactic Championship on hold while he helped his friend Goku. Master Chief would say he is not scared of the Supermacy who had prevented Goku from getting the M4G-Nation Championship. Master Chief offered his help which Goku accepted. Master Chief would take part in a six man elimination tag team for the M4G-Nation Championship. It would be Master Chief, Goku, and Raphael vs Marcus Fenix, Bojack, and Jack-6. Master Chief would pin Marcus Fenix but would be eliminated by Bojack and Goku would get pinned by Jack-6 so Team Goku would lose the match and Jack-6 would retain.

Jason would go head to head with Cookie Monster in a inferno match at the same ppv. Jason would show his sadistic side as he asked for the match to show Cookie and the rest of his doubters that he was a fighter and beat anyone in any kind of match. He would kick Cookie monster out of the ring and set him on fire in order to win the match and retain his title.

Rivals faceoffEdit

With his failure to help Goku, Master Chief would win a 10 men royal rumble to become the number one contender for Jason's Galactic Championship once again. Both Jason and Master Chief had a respect for each other and had become friends. The result was the match at Vernal Equinox being one of the best matches on the card. Master Chief won the match and became the new champion.

However, Jason beat King Leondias and won vs Ryu and became the number one contender to Master Chief's title meaning these two rivals will faceoff once again. They would faceoff at the Sonic Boom ppv for the final time. The match would be a ladder match for the championship. They would put in an extreme effort but Master Chief would win the match and retain. After the match, Jason would offer his hand which Master Chief shook showing the respect that they had for each other and ending there rivalry.

Overall view of the RivalryEdit

Many people love the matches that these two have had. Many agree that the Vernal Equinox match was among the top three matches on the card and may have even been better then the main event. In his review of May, noted M4G-Nation critic Shin_woo would claim

"Master Chief vs. Jason Vorhees will likely go down in the M4gNation books as one of the greatest matches ever debuted on any PPV. As the match started, no one expected the level of intensity that these two were going to bring to the ring. When the match started, most believed that though Jason was going to have a hard time with Master Chief, they reserved Jason for the victory. , however, this was not the case at all. As the match continue on, groups of fans became transfixed as these two titans battled it out, leading to most of them finding themselves standing on their feet in awe until the referee counted the final three count in favor of Master Chief."

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