James Bond
Origin James Bond series
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Skyfall Cutter( Rolling Cutter transitioned into a fireman's carry slam), License to Kill ( Belly-to-Belly suplex followed by a STF), Goldeneye(aka The World Is Not Enough) ( European Uppercut followed by an inverted DDT)

James Bond is the main protagonist of the James Bond series. and is an active member of the M4G-Nation's D-League roster, a member of Licensed to Murder, and a member of The IceBergs.

Bond is a secret agent. James has been played by multiple actors throughout the years. 



Fans of the M4g-Nation voted for James Bond to be one of the six people to represent The IceBergs team in the D-League. He made his debut by losing a 6-man battle royal to Mr. Freeze, Mr. Popo, Punisher, Iron Patriot, and The Man in the Yellow Hat.

After eliminating Green Goblin, The Riddler, Charmander, Iron Patriot, and Joey Ryan, James Bond would then win the D-League Royal Rumble entering number 26 to earn a chance in the Hell In A Cell match for the first ever TMNxt Championship.

One week later, he would lose in that Armageddon Hell in a Cell match against Nappa, The Riddler, Burger King, The Man in the Yellow Hat, and Johnny Bravo.

On the next week, he and The Terminator would team up as Licensed to Murder and take on the Bk Value Meal, Burger King and Woody, in a tag team gauntlet. The duo would be victorious and move on to lose to Johnny Bravo and Joey Ryan afterwards.

Theme SongEdit

Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)04:50

Adele - Skyfall (Lyric Video)


  • There are 25 James Bond films.
  • Mr. Popo was in the same poll as James Bond. Even though Popo had more votes than Bond, Bond was still put into to the M4g-Nation due to him also having a large number of votes.
  • Iamobeliskquake asked Goldentusk on FaceBook if the M4g-Nation could use his versions of the themes of The Terminator and James Bond. Goldentusk replied with a yes. The M4G-Nation was pleased with answer and said that they would try to contact Golden.
  • James Bond and Master Chief both have Chris Jericho's entrance.
  • In the first ever TMNXT royal rumble match James Bond would set the record with 5 elimations.


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