Jack Sparrow
Origin Pirates of the Caribbean
Debut: June 21, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Black Pearl (Crucifix hold transitioned to a spinning side slam)
Captain Jack Sparrow is the protagonist from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, who is a former wrestler in the M4G-Nation.

Acrobatic yet powerful, Jack Sparrow nonetheless could not incorporate these aspects to his professional wrestling repertoire effectively, as he was winless for the entirety of his career.


Jack Sparrow made his initial appearance against fellow debuting wrestler Jesus in singles competition. Despite being felled by the religious figure, the resourceful pirate participated in his second match: a triple threat match held in a steel cage also involving Captain America and Darth Vader. He displayed a mixture of style and brawn in his moveset, but was ultimately unable to keep Captain America from exiting the cage for the victory. Sparrow had then partaken in the second major Royal Rumble as the third overall entrant. He was able to eliminate Johnny Bravo from competition but was the subsequent man to leave the ring courtesy of Sonic the Hedgehog.

The crafty superstar's final match would be against Tekken's own King in a singles match, however, he could not successfully secure the win, having been pinned by the former Inter-Universal Championship #1 contender in under eight minutes. He then entered a royal rumble.


  • Sparrow holds the distinction of being one of the few members of the M4G-Nation to be completely winless in a 3+ match career.
  • The announcing booth often claimed that Jack Sparrow was inebriated in every one of his appearances, a possible means of justification for each of his defeats.

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