Jack Skellington
Origin The Nightmare Before Christmas
Debut: October 19th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Big Boot

 Jack Skellington is the protagonist of the 1993 film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is an active member of The M4gnation Green.


Skellington made his debut on the 12th episode of TMNXT in a 6 Man Hell In A Cell match, along with the other debuting VenomChewbaccaUltraMantis BlackCable, and the returning Frieza. Skellington would go on to win the match by pinfall after hitting UltraMantis Black with The Big Boot.

Skellington would face Cyclops the next week on TMNXT 13 in the 2nd round of a 32 man tourney to determine the number one contender for The TMNXT Championship. Skellington would lose the match via pinfall after being hit by The Rough Ryder.

On the TMNXT purge he would get drafted to The M4gnation Green.

Theme SongEdit

This is Halloween - The Nightmare before Christmas03:07

This is Halloween - The Nightmare before Christmas


  • Skellington Is 1-1 in his career.
  • Skellington is one of the few wrestlers on the roster who is immortal.
  • Skellington puts on a Santa cap during his matches.

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