Jack-Nation Red is a professional wrestling brand and the episodic program of the same name. Created by M4G-Nation alumni Jack-6 to oppose the M4G-Nation. The brand's shows feature a mix of M4G-Nation and D-League alumni.

The brand is run by Jack-6, with The Colonist and Chris Cones providing commentary. It is also the only brand to feature its own Pay-Per-View.

History Edit

The Jack-Nation started out as a group of wrestlers invading a Pay-Per-View and since quickly became a full-fledged promotion. Featuring various M4G-Nation alumni 'disgruntled' with how they were handled by the league, the promotion cemented itself as an 'anti-M4G-Nation' that puts emphasis on showing the work rate and dedication of its workers. The promotion is led by the eponymous Jack-6, who gathered wrestlers unable or refusing to go through the 'portal' from WWE2K14 to WWE2K15 as well as workers (and their championships) from the then-defunct D-League to provide an alternative to M4G-Nation wrestling.

The first episode of Jack-Nation Red aired on May 12, 2015, and soon established itself as a full-fledged brand with its own championships. The company began stealing wrestlers from the M4G-Nation, such as Reptile, and soon became a thorn in the M4G-Nation's side. In retaliation, both M4Gnitude and Trevor declared war on the Jack-Nation, sending top class wrestlers from their own roster (Kratos from M4G-Nation Blue and Goku from M4G-Nation Green) to challenge Jack-6 for the Greatest Championship - Jack-Nation Red's main event title, in a Triple Threat Match. Jack-6 was defeated by Goku, and Jack-Nation Red's power soon waned.

Champions Edit

Championship Current Champion/Champions
Greatest VACANT
Flippy Yoda

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