Ironman as Hardcore Champion
Origin Marvel Comics
Debut: May 4th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Sponsored by Stark Industries (Pedigree ')
Ironman is a superhero of the same name comic books made by Marvel comics and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Ironman is a former one time Hardcore Champion and is the manager of Mortal Kombat. Ironman is one of the longer running members of the roster. While he has not been able to break the glass ceiling and make it big Ironman is still one of the most respected members of the roster. He is now one half of the Blue Tag Team Champions with The Hulk.


Tony Stark heads Stark Industries one of the largest weapon suppliers in the world and one of the richest industries in the world. Tony lives a billionaire playboy lifestyle but has impressive masters degrees in engineering to compliment his industry skills. However, while making a visit to a field test to one of his military hardware he was kidnapped by terrorists, who forced Tony to build them a weapon for their terrorist acts. Instead, he built a battle-suit and escaped captivity. Considering the success of the suit built for the terrorists, he developed a new suit designed to be the ultimate battle-suit with the intention of protecting the earth. This suit would make him the ultimate technologized-super hero known as Ironman. Despite his suit having an incredible set of weaponary, Stark has little to no experience in actual hand to hand combat and prefers to just tackle opponents head on.


WWE 12 careerEdit

Ironman would make his debut alongside the rest of The Avengers Captain America and Thor in a Promo Match for the Movie coming out taking on Justice League. The Avengers would make quick work winning the match in a clean sweep. Ironman would then battle the debuting Jack-6 in a flamming tables match. Jack-6 would beat Ironman sending him through a table. Ironman's next match would be a triple threat match with Frieza and Mace Windu on July 13th 2012 in a tables match. Mace would put Ironman through a table winning the match. Ironman would take part in a rematch with the Justice League and the Avengers. Once again the Avengers won the match. Ironman would team with the returning Master Chief to form the new tag team The Iron Giants. They would take on Sephiroth and Optimus Prime for the Tag Team Championships on September 3rd. However the team would be unable to win. The Tag Team would enter the TMN Tag Team Tourney as heavy favorites to win the whole thing. They would be upset by Team Badass in round one.


Ironman would try to restart his career by battling Vegeta on November 10th. In one of the best matches ever the two would battle it out putting everything they had. Ironman would be speared into the barricade by Vegeta and would be counted out. Ironman's next match was the Money in the Bank match on December 8th 2012. Ironman would come close but was unable to win as Buu would win the match. Ironman would then fight in the Royal Rumble match on December 22nd 2012. Ironman would come out at number 32 and would make the final six eliminating Red Ranger, Rorschach, and favorite Ezio. Ironman would get beaten Skeletor. Ironman would take on Vegeta in a Hardcore Championship backstage brawl but was unable to win the title on Januray 4th 2013. Ironman would take in the third promo match with the Justice league and Avengers. This time the Justice League won the match. 

Manger and championEdit

Iromnan would become the Manger of Mortal Kombat after they paided him with the bribe of Sports Authority. Ironman was there to help the team beat Spartan Fury at Northern Lights to become the Tag Team Champions. Iroman's next match would be a fatal four way steel cage match vs Boba FettCaptain America, and Darth Vader. Captain America would win the match. Ironman would then help Mortal Kombat to retain there titles at Absolute Zero. Ironman's next match would be the royal rumble of April 13th 2013. Ironman would be 20th but would not last as he fell to Bane's rampage. Ironman would get a shot at the Harecore Championship in a ladder match vs The Hulk, Batman, and champion Dale Earnhardt Jr.. Ironman would climb the ladder and gte the belt becoming the hardcore champion winning his first ever championship. Ironman would lose the title three days later in a promo match for Ironman 3 vs Kratos. The day after Iroman would come out with Mortal Kombat and help them beat Myotismon and Skeletor of the Neo-Underworld. The lights would go out and Ironman would be taken out during this, when the lights went back on Buu and Bojack would assult the champions. At Sonic Boom Ironman would get thrown out during the match and Mortal Kombat would lose the titles to the Buu Supremacy and be assulted afterwards. They have not been seen since.

Fight for the Galactic ChampionshipEdit

Ironman would battle Ezio and Kratos for a chance at the Galactic Championship in a triple threat Hell in the cell match. Ironman would get pinned by Kratos losing the match. Ironman would get a second shot in the armageddon match on June 23rd 2013 but the Hulk would pin Captain Pollution winning the match.

Road to Gold SeriesEdit

Ironman would take part in a king of the ring event to crown the first ever Internet Champion but would lose in round one to Myotismon. He would enter the fifth rroyal rumble but failed to win and was knocked out of the Road To Gold Series by Darth Maul.

However on september 7th Ironman was announced to be back into the setires becuase of a botch by M4Gnitude. He would make the most of his chance winning a fatal four war match vs King Leondias, Sephiroth, and Space Ghost. He would win a few more matches and finished fifth in the Road to Gold Series due to a last minute battle royal won by Vegeta.

New BeginningEdit

Ironman would start off WWE 14 with a win over Skeletor. He would then lose a fatal four way hell in the cell matchup with Jason Voorhess, Vegeta, and King Leondias. Ironman would then battle in a fatal four way with Batman, Loki, and Dante in matchup for a shot into the M4G-Nation Blue Championship but would come up short to Loki. He would be shown intermittently through Blue but would be a part in trying to get rid of The Unwashed with other mechanical beings known as the Autobots. He and the Autobots would lose all of their matches with The Unwashed and causing Ironman to be injured.

2K15 Edit

Ironman would return to the ring for in the new game and would face Wolverine and Nightwing for an opportunity at the Money in the Bank match at Space Jam 2 where he would lose to Wolverine. Ironman would team with Hulk for a shot at being the inaugural Blue Tag Team Champions. The tow would face Black Panther and Sabretooth where Ironman was able to get a crossface (sponsored by Stark Industries) onto Black Panther to pick up the win. He and Hulk would move up in the tournament to face Optimus Prime and Cyborg in a no DQ match. The match would ensue chaos but Ironman would be able to distract Optimus Prime long enough for Hulk to pick up the win. The Avengers would then face Lebron James and Tony Romo at Space Jam 2 in a ladder match for the new tag title. While Hulk was distracting Lebron and Romo by getting a ladder, Ironman would climb the set up ladder and get the tag titles making him and Hulk the inaugural champions. At Absolute Zero 2, Hulk and Iron Man would succesfully defend the TMN Blue Tag Team Championships against both Freddy Krueger and Mike Myers. 

Theme SongEdit

AC DC - Shoot To Thrill05:15

AC DC - Shoot To Thrill

Accomplishments Edit

  • Hardcore Championship (1 time)
  • Blue Tag Team Championship (1 time, Current w/ The Hulk)


  • Ironman has a career 4-13 record(not counting non cannon promo matches 2-2 or any of the royal rumble matches he has fought in) 

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