Internet Championship
Current Champion(s): Reptile
Date Won: September 24th, 2015
Past Champions: Sephiroth, Zangief, Deadpool, Goku

The Internet Championship is a championship created by the M4G-Nation that is defended exclusively on live-stream "house shows" hosted by the channel on

The title is currently held by Reptile who won the championship during the GDT.

Current ChampionEdit


Reptile would win the Internet Championship after defeating fellow finalist Goku in the GDT in a Hell in a Cell 30-Min Iron Man match scoring nine falls to Goku's six.

Past ChampionsEdit


The Championship was first introduced in the July 20th 2013 live stream by the M4G-Nation on Twitch.TV. These live streams are considered the "House shows" of the M4G-Nation which unlike other M4G-Nation episodes are live. The first champion was decided on the first stream in an 8 Man Tournament, with the winner being the champion.

The participants were Ironman, Myotismon, Dante, Ryu, Skeletor, Khal Drogo, Sephiroth and The Flash. In the opening rounds, Dante, Myotismon, Skeletor and Sephiroth all advanced to the semi-finals. There, Dante defeated Myotismon and Sephiroth defeated Skeletor to advance in the finals. The final match between Dante and Sephiroth was played twice after their TLC match ended with both Dante and Sephiroth freezing as a result of a glitch. The rematch was put in place as a standard match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special guest referee. Sephiroth won the match to become the first ever Internet Champion. The bracket for the tournament is here below.

Internet title tournament

Sephiroth then lost his title to Zangief.


On the October 10 edition of the M4G-Nation house show, the robust member of the Buu Supremacy - Zangief, entered a tournament held to determine the wrestler who will challenge inaugural champion Sephiroth in a title match. Zangief reigned supreme over the likes of Raphael in the quarter-finals, Red Ranger in the semi-finals, and eventually defeated V at the grand finals. Zangief then successfully beat Sephiroth in the subsequent bout to procure his first championship reign.

Zangief's reign came to a close when the Buu Supremacy - a faction which Zangief is loyal to, was defeated at Solar Eclipse 2, and each of its members were forced to leave the M4G-Nation roster until 2014, vacating any owned titles if necessary. Because Zangief was the current Internet Champion at the time of the faction's loss, he relinquished the title at the PPV.


Deadpool would win the Internet Championship in a TMN special video tournament. Deadpool would not defend the championship all that much during his reign until the start of the GDT where it was stated the championship would act as though it was the Hardcore Championship, where whoever won the match would gain the title. Deadpool would retain the championship against the likes of Dante, Captain Pollution, and Jack-6. Deadpool would lose the championship to Goku in a Last Man Standing match.


Goku won the championship off of Deadpool during the GDT in a Last Man Standing match. Goku would move onto the next round to face former Internet Champion Zangief in a I Quit match and move on to the finals. Goku would retain and face fellow tournament finalist Reptile in a Hell in a Cell 30-Min Iron Man Match. Goku would put up a good fight but it would be Reptile who would win the match after scoring nine falls against Goku's six, thus marking the shortest reign for the Internet Championship.


# Wrestler Reigns Date Days Held Event Notes
1 Sephiroth 1 July 20th 2013 21 Days Live Stream House Show Defeated Dante in the finals of an 8 man tournament held on July 20th 2013
2 Zangief 1 August 10, 2013 22 Days Live Stream House Show Defeated Sephiroth
3 VACANT September 1, 2013 99 Days Zangief was forced to relinquish the title after the Buu Supremacy's defeat and departure from the company until 2014.
4 Deadpool 1 December 9th, 2013 643 Days M4G-Nation special video Deadpool won a tournament to win the championship
5 Goku 1 September 13th, 2015 11 Days The GDT Won during the GDT in a ladder match.
6 Reptile 1 September 24th, 2015 1+ Days GDT Finals Won in a Hell in a Cell 30 Min Iron Man match.


  • The Championship has the same look as real-life professional wrestler Zack Ryder's unofficial Internet Championship.
  • Deadpool is the longest reigning Internet Champion holding the title for 643 days (a little over a year and nine months).
  • Goku has the shortest reign with 11 days.

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