Origin San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2
Debut: September 21st 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Mandible Claw

Hellboy is a demon anti-hero that appears in the M4G-Nation's D-League as a member of the Icebergs.

Hellboy started off as a free agent in the league and started off with an impressive victory in the Elimination Chamber. He was later drafted into the Icebergs team by newly-appointed member of the team Thomas Robinson and represents the Icebergs from now on.


During World War 2, the Nazis enlisted a sorcerer to help turn the tide in the war. The sorcerer completed his spell to change things but it appeared nothing happened. However, the allies noticed a little demon had been created at their camp nearby the nazis. The creature was dubbed as "Hellboy" and was adopted by a top professor within the allies. When grown, "Hellboy" works with the professor and helps him with his research as his defender and top agent. Hellboy's aging mentally and physically are incredibly different. While Hellboy was around 60 years old physically, mentally he has the brain and attitude of a 20 year old. But that doesn't stop him from protecting the earth from Armagedon over and over again.


Hellboy appeared as a free agent in the final Elimination Chamber qualifier on September 21st 2013, with the winner going on to the Chamber Of Chambers match to fight for a TMNXT Title Shot. Hellboy wound up winning the match, eliminating Iron Patriot last. Hellboy was then signed onto the Icebergs team on September 23rd.

The next week he lost the elimination chamber.

He later teamed with Spawn to become the Hellspawns and go against the BK Value Meal in the Tag Team Tournament. They lost via count-out.

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