The Harlot Tag Team Division is a format used to accomodate tag teams consisting of competitors from the Harlot's Division. Much like the male oriented Tag Team Division, matches belonging to the division abide by tag team rules unless otherwise specified in a single or numerous stipulations and/or clauses. Although female tag team matches existed long before the creation of the division, it was not officially recognized until the DD Championship was devised, which currently is the sought after title by members of the division. It is recently the youngest division in the M4G-Nation.

Also similar to the Tag Team Division is that the Harlot Tag Team Division's members are not required to be of a particular weight class, and may participate at any time as they see fit, as long as they are also a qualified member of the Harlot's Division.


The intial match featuring Harlot's Division members in a tag team was one with Taylor Swift & Misty against Black Widow & Juliet Starling, which took place on the September 18, 2012 edition of the M4G-Nation. Over time, there has been sporadic instances of tag team Harlot matches until WWE '13. At that time, the Ice Cream Social was at its conclusion, with apparent finalist Daphne Blake trading her spot at the grand finals in return for the division's own DD Championship. This made Daphne and her tag team ally Hermione Granger (as the Gryffonwhores) the first to be officially recognized as a tag team, and thus the beginning members of the division. Over time, numerous alliances were formed and title changes were made, establishing the format significance as a valid division alongside the Atom-Weight, Tag Team, and Harlot's Division.


Current DD Champions Menage A Trois

Frost Nips (Emma Frost and Catwoman)

Gryffonwhores  (Daphne Blake and Hermione Granger)

Hit Squad (Hit Girl and Juliet Starling)

Jigglypuffs  (Dawn and Misty)

Metroid Fighters (Samus and Chun-Li)

Pain Train (Princess Fiona and Bulma)

Queens and Sevens (Harley Quinn and Bloodrayne)

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