Harley Quinn
Origin DC Comics
Debut: December 12th 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Doctor J (Spinning lifting sitout double underhook facebuster)

Harley Quinn is a super-villian from the DC Universe that is currently a member of the Harlot's Division in the M4G-Nation.

Harley is currently a member of the Queens And Sevens stable and has been a prominent member of the harlots division. She has fought for the Harlots Championship before and is one a one time DD Champions after winning the titles back at Galactic Throwdown II.


Debut And TournamentEdit

Harley Quinn debuted as part of a fatal four way match on December 12th 2012 to determine an entrant in a fatal four way Harlots Championship match. Despite coming close, Harley was ousted by Cammy for the title shot. Harley would not have much luck in her next match when she lost to Alice from Resident Evil on January 8th.

However Harley's luck seemed to turn around when she defeated Judy Jetson to qualify for the Harlots Tournament to crown a new Harlots Champion on Febuary 4th. However on the 11th, she was eliminated in the first round by Taylor Swift .

Queens And SevensEdit

A group known as the Queens And Sevens were first mentioned by M4G-Nation commentator Trevor, who likened Bulma's death story to TNA's Aces And Eights. The idea of the group was discussed with Harley Quinn being the leader.

The group later came to be as Harley teamed up with Bloodrayne to face Hermione Granger for the DD Championship on April 13rd 2013 in a handicap match. However, the duo were unsuccessful in defeating Hermione. Yoko Littner was added to the group as the group were determined to prove themselves as the most dominant force in the women's division. The group were confronted by Harlots Champion Taylor Swift who gave Harley a title shot to shut her up. In an effort to gain the championship for her group, she conspired with Daenerys Targaryen on the 1st State Of The M4G-Nation. On the 2nd episode, she and Daenerys were given a chance at the title in a steel cage triple threat match at Sonic Boom. Harley would fail to win the title on her first PPV match.

She was unable to join fellow Queens and Sevens member Yoko Littner in the Harlots Money In The Bank ladder match, losing a fatal four way qualifier on June 23rd but Bloodrayne would win a Harlot over the top rope challenge to earn a shot at the DD championships at Galactic Throwdown II vs Jiggypuffs. Bloodrayne would pin Dawn giving Harley her first taste of gold in M4G-Nation. 

Harley would then battle the team of Bulma and Princess Fiona known as Pain Train losing the match. They would make a macth bewteen JigglyPuffs and Pain Train with the winner facing them in an Oakland Rules match(Tornado Hell in the cell.) They would battle Pain train in a rematch with Harley winning by pinning Princess Fiona. After the match her and Bloodrayne would be attacked my two masked Harlots. The Harlots turned out to be Menage A Trois who would battle Harley and beat her and Bloodrayne for the titles at Solar Eclipse 2

Harley would then win a non canon battle royal held in honor of Jessica Nigri who is a cosplay girl.

Theme SongEdit

Catherine O'Hara - Sally's Song Lyric Video01:50

Catherine O'Hara - Sally's Song Lyric Video


  • Harley is dressed in her Arkham City costume while with the M4G-Nation.
  • Harley's comic-book boyfriend The Joker has made a number of appearances in the M4G-Nation and was even the Shadow Force Wrestling champion at one time.
  • Harley is currently the leader of The Queens And Sevens , a parody of TNA's Aces And Eights.

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