Green Tag Team Championship
Current Champion(s): Golden Duo
Date Won: December 13, 2015
Past Champions: Kazandroids
The Green Tag Team Championship is a title defended and contested for by members of the Tag Team Division. The title is generally believed to be reminiscent of the multitude of tag-team championships evident in several other professional wrestling corporations.

Golden Duo, the team consisting of Goku and Yusuke Urameshi, are the current champions, after defeating Kazandroids (Kazuya and Android 17) on M4G-Nation Green Episode 28.

History Edit

On January 3, 2015. It was announced that the Atom-Weight Championship and the Tag Team Championship will be split, with different versions of the titles being exclusive to both brands. While M4G-Nation Blue's Tag Team Division was left without a champion, Golden Duo - then-current holder of the Tag Team Championship, was awarded the Green Tag Team Championship since they were on the M4G-Nation Green roster.

Reigns Edit

# Team Reigns Date Days Held Event
1 Golden Duo (Goku & Yusuke Urameshi) 1 October 6, 2014 265* Solar Eclipse 3
2 Kazandroids (Kazuya & Android 17) 1 June 28, 2015 168 M4G-Nation Green Episode 28
3 Golden Duo (Goku & Yusuke Urameshi) 2 December 13, 2015 1+ Singularity 3: Triality
  • (*) - Golden Duo were awarded the Green Tag Team Championship, the title is considered to be a continuation of their Tag Team Championship reign.

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