Green Goblin
Origin Marvel Comics
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Pump-handle Powerslam

Green Goblin is one of Spiderman's main villains. He was a member of The Fort Wayne Mad Ants and is an active member of M4G-Nation Green.



The Green Goblin debuted in the M4G-Nation as M4Gnitude's second pick for The Fort Wayne Mad Ants in the D-League. He debuted by losing a 6-man battle royal against Woody, Nightcrawler, The Riddler, Kick-Ass, and Dexter on episode two. Goblin then entered the TMNXT Royal Rumble as the 25th entrant but was eliminated by James Bond. This prompted a "FUCK!" response by his owner M4GNITUDE as Goblin "did nothing" in the match. Green Gobin then won a triple threat match against Dexter and Kick-Ass which wound up being his final match in the division.


It was announced on September 6th that he was promoted to the main roster. Making his debut in the M4G-Nation, Green Goblin then participated in a six man Money in the Bank Ladder match also involving Master ChiefCaptain Falcon, Sub-ZeroTrunks, and Darth Vader. With the winner proceeding to face Captain Pollution for the Galactic Championship, he was unable to win when Master Chief gained possession of the briefcase.

M4G-Nation GreenEdit

Goblin was then drafted to M4G-Nation Green as part of the roster split in the M4G-Nation. He debuted in a fatal four way match also involving Deadpool, Red Tornado and Earthworm Jim, which he won.

Hardcore Championship/The HitmanEdit

He would be repackaged in the M4G-Nation at Northern Lights II, when he debuted a Bret "The Hitman" Hart gimmick ahead of his Hardcore Championship Armageddon Hell In A Cell match where he outlasted Optimus Prime, Space Ghost, The Tick, V, and Bandit Keith. This got Green Goblin "more over than he has ever been in the M4G-Nation". Goblin captured the championship. He would then defend the Hardcore Championship in three straight nights in the M4G-Nation. Firstly, he defeated Spiderman in a movie promo match and then was not defeated in a tag team match with himself and Green Arrow against Deadpool and Space Ghost. Finally, he would be placed in a Elimination Chamber match against Robin, Spawn, King Leonidas, Raphael, and Deadpool at Vernal Equinox II. Green Goblin would retain the championship. This began a streak of somehow finding a way to retain the title in every single multi-man match he was in.

He would next win a Triple Threat Elimination Match at Sonic Boom II against M. Bison and Taskmaster. Then he triumphed over Bizzaro, Red Ranger, Servo, Spawn, and Darth Maul in a 6 Man Hell in a Cell Match at Galactic Throwdown III. He would then be the victor over Shawn Michaels and Diesel to win the UGWI TV Title, and defend it in addition to his Hardcore title against Gypsy Danger and Yokozuno in a Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match. The streak continues as he again defended his Hardcore title at Singularity II in a 6 Man Ladder Match versus Piccolo, Waluigi, Taskmaster, Cyclops, and Spiderman. Solar Eclipse III saw the streak again continue as Green "The Hitman" Goblin defeated Eddy Gordo, Burger King, and Green Ranger in a Hardcore Fatal Fourway Elimination Match.

The Green Goblin appeared in the dual-branded Royal Rumble as the 32nd entrants and the favorite in the eyes of many, including M4GNITUDE. Goblin eliminated 5+ men and made the final two with Bane. Sadly, his dreams were crushed by Bane. Green Goblin would go to Solar Eclipse 3 to face Green Ranger, Burger King and Eddie Gordo in a falls count anywhere elimination match. Eddie Gordo and Burger King would be eliminated first. Green Ranger would put up a great showing but Green "The Hitman" Goblin would pick up the win after delivering a Pump Handle Slam. Sadly, the Green Goblin had to forfeit his Hardcore Title to face Captain America for the M4G-Nation Green Championship at M4gamania 3. He would then be in a match later the same night against Cell and Kakashi in a tag team match with Tien Shinhan and would lose when he was unable to stop Tien from being pinned. He would not appear again until M4Gamania for his championship match. He would put up one of the greatest showings he would have but would all be for nothing when Cell helped out Captain America. Green Goblin would win the match but would not get the title because titles don't change hands on disqualifications. After he was attacked Green Goblin would be carried out on a stretcher.

Theme SongEdit


  • Green Goblin is the first ever wrestler to go from the D-League to the main roster as a permanent roster member.
  • Green Goblin is one of the first wreslters of the D-League to get a title on the main roster.
  • Green Goblin is one of the longest reigning champions in the M4G-Nation being third only to Jack-6's Galactic Championship reign and Deadpool's Internet Championship reign.
  • Green Goblin is only the second person to have held a M4G-Nation and UGWI championship at the same time, with Skeletor being the first. Goblin won the UGWI Television Championship while reigning as M4G-Nation Hardcore Champion and still holds both titles as of Singularity 2014. 
  • Despite the UGWI being non-canon to the M4G-Nation storyline, Green Goblin would carry his UGWI TV Championship to the ring for his entrance while also holding the Hardcore Championship.
  • Since he debut in The M4G-Nation Green "The Hitman" Goblin has defeated 33 other wrestlers.


  • Hardcore Championship (1 time, Longest Reigning)
  • UGWI Television Championship (1 Time, Current)
  • Royal Rumble Runner Up (1 Time)

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