The Grand Slam Championship is a accomplishment in the M4G-Nation. This accomplihsment is based off of real life professional wrestling accomplishment where a wrestler must win 4 championships. All Glam Slam Champions are also Triple Crown Champion as all titles in teh Triple Crown must be won in order to be a Grand Slam Champion.

Championship requirementEdit

In the M4G-Nation the wrestler in question must win a Primary Championship, a Tag Team Championship, a Secondary Championship and a Tertiary Championship. In the M4G-Nation the M4G-Nation Championship Blue and Green are the primary championship that msut be won. The Tag Team Championship is the only Tag Team Championship a wrestler must win. The Secondary Championship that needs to be won is the Galactic Championship or unknown Championship to be announced on green brand. Lastly a Tretiary Championship must be won either the Atom-Weight Championship or the Hardcore Championship

List of ChampionsEdit

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