A Grand Slam Champion is defined as having held a championship at every possible level of a promotion, which consists of the promotion's main championship and tag team championship, along with a "mid-card" championship and a tertiary level title.

A M4G-Nation wrestler would have to have at least one reign with the following titles:

List of Grand Slam ChampionsEdit

Grand Slam Champion Name Tertiary Championship Tag Team Championship Midcard Championship World Championship                                       Date Completed                  
1 Ash Ketchum Hardcore Championship Tag Team Championship InterGalactic Championship M4G-Nation Blue Championship May 8th, 2014

Eligible SuperstarsEdit

The following M4G-Nation wrestlers need only one championship reign to become the first M4G-Nation Grand Slam Champion. Titles required are specific to that wrestler's brand.

  • Vegeta has held the Hardcore Championship, the Tag Team Championships (w/ MegaMan as the Blues Brothers), and is a former InterGalactic Champion. He needs a M4G-Nation Blue Champiosnhip reign.

The following M4G-Nation wrestlers require two championship reigns to be considered a Grand Slam Champion.

  • Jack-6 has held the unified M4G-Nation Championship and InterGalactic Championship. Requires a Tag Team Championship reign and a Hardcore Championship. (The Buu Supremacy's Tag Title reign does not include Jack-6 as he never defended the titles in a match. Jack-6 is also not eligible for the Atom-Weight Championship)
  • Buu has held the Tag Team Championships (w/ Bojack as the Buu Supremacy) and the Inter-Universal Championship. Requires an InterGalactic Championship and Hardcore Championship. (Buu is not eligible for the Atom-Weight Championship)
  • Captain Falcon has held the Tag Team Championships (w/ Link ) and the Hardcore Championship. He needs a M4G-Nation Green Championship and Solar Flare Championship reign
  • Zangief has held the Tag Team Championship (w/ Red Tornado) and the Solar Flare Championship. He needs a M4G-Nation Green Championship and Hardcore Championship. Zangief has won a third title in the Internet Championship, however the title does not apply to the Grand Slam rule due to how rarely it is defended. Zangief is also ineligible to win the Atom-Weight Title.

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