Gordon Ramsay
Origin Real Life
Debut: May 2, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Hell's Kitchen (Over the shoulder spinning facebuster)
Gordon James Ramsay is a popular celebrity chef and the host of the reality television series Hells Kitchen, who at one time was a member of the M4G-Nation roster as a fictional professional wrestler.

The famed chef has only ever appeared once in the company, simply referred to as 'Gordon Ramsay' or the 'Kitchen Nightmare'. He has only ever appeared in one match.


Ramsay's first and only match in the M4G-Nation is of a Fatal 4 Way match also including Optimus Prime, Link, and King. The real life superstar would be targeted immediately by Optimus Prime, acheiving seldom offense by himself. The chef would receive much abuse at the hands of the transforming robot and Tekken luchador King, subjecting himself to the former's 'Optimus Bomb' - a spinning variation of a powerbomb, and King's 'Tiger Bomb' - a variation of two consecutive powerbombs, along with multiple chair shots to the head.

By the scuffle's end, Optimus Prime successfully performed his finishing move on King, subsequently pinning him. At that time, Ramsay attempted to thwart the pin, but was too late in doing so, meaning that Optimus Prime would be victorious. Ramsay has never been seen since.


  • Former announcer The Shadow revolted at the sight of Ramsay's character portrayal in the game, jokingly referring to his moniker - 'Kitchen Nightmare', in the literal sense.
  • Ramsay is one of the few M4G-Nation superstars who also exist in real life. Strangely, Ramsay carries no wrestling nor explicit fighting background prior to his appearance in the company, while other real life superstars - such as Kimbo Slice or 50 Cent, are known to fight or be portrayed as fighters in various forms of media.

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