Goku vs Jack-6
J6 vs goku n. lights
The match card for Goku and Jack-6 at Northern Lights
Origin Dragon Ball and Tekken
Debut: January 12, 2013 - ongoing
Career: Both Active
Finishing Move: Jack-6: Megaton Punch (Gut Punch followed by a Windup KO Punch)
Goku: Spirit Bomb (Corkscrew 450 Splash) & Kamehameha (Inverted Fisherman Brainbuster)

Goku vs Jack-6 was a large-scale rivalry that played an important part in the M4G-Nation story for over two months. It was a short but intense rivalry between two dominant wrestlers for the future of the company.

The participants were Goku, the Saiyan protagonist of the famous Dragon Ball franchise, and Jack-6, a robot from the popular fighting game series Tekken. The rivalry was for the main title at the time, the Inter-Universal Championship, and contained an arguable match of the year candidate fight in their struggle at Northern Lights.


Before the FeudEdit

Jack-6 was previously the longest-running holder of the Galactic Championship, having lost in an Elimination Chamber match at Big Bang to Jason Voorhees. However, he made no attempt to reclaim the title, saying he was going after the Inter-Universal Championship instead.

Goku had a mixed career previously, with his biggest match being a loss against Yusuke Urameshi for the Inter-Universal title. However, he won a Triple Threat match against the Red Ranger and Sephiroth and was scheduled to fight Captain America for number one contendership of the Inter-Universal belt at Supernova.

Startling beginningsEdit

On January 12, Jack-6 ambushed Goku back stage, knocking him out. Goku would not appear for weeks, causing Jack-6 to be scheduled to fight Captain America in his place. Jack-6 seriously injured the captain and then soundly defeated champion Darth Vader to begin his title reign.

On February 4, however, Goku would return during a promo Jack-6 had cut bragging about his wins, and the two would fight right then and there in a title match. Jack-6 hit Goku with a chair to disqualify himself, retaining the belt in their shortest fight. Two days after, Jack-6 announced himself as a member of the Buu Supremacy.

Continued aggressionEdit

Goku would not give up so easily and would fight Darth Vader to win number-1 contendership on March 9. However, after the match Goku would be attacked by Supremacy members Buu and Marcus Fenix. Six days later, Goku would call out Jack-6, calling him a coward, but he was then attacked again by the same assailants along with Jack-6 himself.

At Northern Lights, Goku and Jack-6 would fight in the main event for the Inter-Universal title in an Extreme Rules match. In one of the greatest matches in M4G-Nation history, the two clashed for over half an hour before Jack-6 finally defeated Goku, retaining once again.

The GoKrew and the final brawlEdit

Down on his luck, on March 12 Goku was approached by Master Chief, who assured Goku he was on his side against the Supremacy. Four days later, Goku recruited Raphael to his cause as well. The group was the beginning of the unofficial rebel stable Team Goku, or the GoKrew. On March 24, Goku would fight Supremacy leader Buu in a Last Man Standing number 1 contendership match, with Goku winning and once again being set up for a fight for the title.

However. Jack-6 decided their singles matches to be getting stale. The next day, he called Goku out for a new match type- 3 on 3 Elimination Tag with the winning team's captain as Champion. Goku accepted, with Master Chief and Raphael on his team and Jack-6 choosing Marcus Fenix and Bojack. In another climactic fight at Absolute Zero, the match eventually became Goku against Jack-6 once again, and once more Jack-6 grabbed the win.

Break from the rivalryEdit

Goku was not done fighting the Supremacy, but failed to win the 40 man Royal Rumble for a match against Jack-6 at Vernal Equinox. He was then injured by Captain Planet, and when he returned he made no attempt to fight Bane. However, he did enter another Royal Rumble to become number 1 contender, failing again. The two have not fought in a while. At Solar Eclipse 2, they were in a match together, but they did not fight, as Goku was the first man eliminated and Jack-6 had not yet joined the match. Currently Jack-6 can't fight in the M4G-Nation, and when he does return the two might not be interested in fighting anymore, so the future of the rivalry is questionable.


While rather short-lived, this was still one of the most important rivalries in the M4G-Nation's history. The two dominated the main title scene for a while, and would likely have continued to fight if not for Goku's injury. As for the future, anyone can guess.

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