Origin Dragon Ball Z
Debut: October 5, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Super Saiyan Spear

Gohan is the half-Saiyan son of the superstar Goku and Harlots alumni Chi-Chi of Dragon Ball fame. He is currently employed on The IceBergs in the D-League. While a newcomer, Gohan has showed some potential so far.


Gohan was born on earth and was the hybrid son of the strongest woman in the world Chi-Chi and the most powerful fighter in the world Goku. As a child, Gohan was forced by his mother to focus on his studies than combat like his father. Regardless, there was still hidden potential within Gohan which unlocked could turn Gohan into one of the strongest fighters in the universe. This hidden potential was first realized by Piccolo who saw Gohan as a mere infant with no fighting experience at all, break the armour of a powerful saiyan warrior Raditz. Piccolo decided to take Gohan in as his pupil and help him unlock his hidden potential and learn how to control it. Over time, Gohan became one of the strongest Z Fighters around as a teenager until the Cell saga, when Android 16's death forced Gohan to snap and reach a level beyond an ordinary super saiyan. As a Super Saiyan 2, Gohan showed little remorse for his opponents despite being naturally kind-hearted. For a long time after the Cell saga though, Gohan spent little time training and re-focused on his studies. Having dropped in power dramatically after the Cell saga, Old Kai unlocked his sleeping powers in the Buu Saga which resulted in Gohan becoming argubably the strongest unfused DBZ fighter ever.


Gohan joined the M4G-Nation D-League in a 6 man ladder match as an undrafted free aganet. He failed to make much of an impact during the match, but he was picked up by Tom Robinson the next day by dropping Mr. Popo to join the IceBergs. He would be the 32 seed with 0 points in the TMNXT Tournament, where he would fight the number 1 seed Burger King. In a surprising upset, Gohan would emerge victorious from the match against all odds and advance to round 2 of the tournament.


  • Gohan is one of many Dragon Ball characters in the M4G-Nation's history, and replaced a different character from his franchise in Mr. Popo to join the team.
  • Gohan was the second ever wrestler to be personally drafted by Icebergs leader Tom Robinson.
  • Gohan wears a similar outfit to his father Goku in the M4G-Nation. However, he is not a Super Saiyan in the M4G-Nation.
  • Gohan is in his Ultimate/Mystic outfit from the Buu Saga of the Dragonball Z series.
  • He was named the "Ace In The Hole" for the Icebergs by Tom Robinson, after Gohan defeated the Ace In The Hole for The Little Cruise that Could, Burger King.

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