Origin Godzilla franchise (except Godzilla 1998)
Debut: July 19, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Atomic Breath (Crucifix Power bomb), Spiral Ray (Hangman's face buster), Bridging Fisherman Suplex

Godzilla is a giant, mutated lizard from the Godzilla film series. He is a member of The Fort Wayne Mad Ants and is an active member of the D-League.


Godzilla was M4Gnitude's third pick for The Fort Wayne Mad Ants in the D-League. According to M4Gnitude, he was signed for a 2 year contract. He lost his debut in a 6-man battle royal involving Nappa, The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Charmander, Dragon Dragon, and Juggernaut. Charmander was the one to eliminate him.

In the TMNXT Royal Rumble, he entered at number 3 and eliminated 4 people before getting tossed out by fellow team member Johnny Bravo.

In the Elimanation Chamber episodes, he entered a match in a pod but still failed to win. He was later fired after that.

In 2014, he was one of the 16 superstars that were chosen to return for the Zack Ryder Tournament.

Beforehand, he was able to face Walter White in a Movie Promo for the movie Godzilla (in which he won) and compete in the 2nd TMNXT Royal Rumble. He entered 24th and scored no elimanations. He was eliminated by Clay Matthews.

In the Zack Ryder open, he faced Mario in round 1. He was dominating the match at first but Mario ended up winning and moving on.

Theme SongEdit

Pharoahe Monch - Simons says (Get the fuck up)06:14

Pharoahe Monch - Simons says (Get the fuck up)


  • Godzilla owns the honor of being the first ever debut of the D League

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