Ghost to Gotham
Members: Bane

Space Ghost

Origins Space Ghost (Space Ghost)

"Knightfall" Batman comic book arc (Bane)

Debut: August 31, 2012
Careers: Inactive
Finishing Moves: Bane - Soul Crusher (Two single knee backbreakers followed by a swinging side single knee backbreaker)

Space Ghost - Coast to Coast (Jumping neckbreaker off the top turnbuckle - with theatrics.)

Ghost to Gotham is a tag team in the M4G-Nation, which consists of Space Ghost and Bane. The tandem wrestled in WWE '12 for much of its tenure, while seldomly appearing in WWE '13. Despite the fact that both Space Ghost and Bane remain employed, they have yet to partake in a tag team match since March 21, 2013.

During their stint in WWE '12, they were major contenders for the Tag Team Championship, although they often came up short in qualifying to challenge for the title belts.


The duo of Bane and Space Ghost made their debut as a tag team to fight Android 17 in a handicap match. Their alliance was the result of color commentator PJR's disdain towards Android 17, who miraculously was favored in a poll on the M4G-Nation's Facebook fan page, which allowed fans to vote for one person to remain on the roster while the rest would be fired. Winning their match convincingly, the duo decided to test their mettle at the TMN Tag Team Tourney set to determine a number one contending team. By the first round, they defeated Imperial Destruction to proceed. They then bested former Tag Team Champions Team Old School to move on to the semi-final round. Their run was cut short when they were eliminated by Spartan Fury. Space Ghost and Bane disappeared from competing as a team for the remainder of WWE '12.

On the January 7, 2013 edition of The M4G-Nation, Bane and Space Ghost returned and reformed to face Mortal Kombat in a number one contenders match. Suffering defeat in their first match since their return, Ghost to Gotham returned three months later to partake in another number one contenders match, this time against Seriously Too Cool. Unable to even reign supreme over the carefree duo, Ghost to Gotham's tenure eventually subsided. Bane departed from the M4G-Nation temporarily while Space Ghost enjoyed a minor singles run.

Currently, Space Ghost takes on the role of a manager for his tag team partner Bane, and guided his former team-mate to a successful M4G-Nation Championship reign.


  • They are currently the oldest tag team in the M4G-Nation, despite their prolonged inactivity as a tandem.

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