Gears of War was a Jack-Nation Red Pay-Per-View Event which took place on September 20, 2015. it was the first Gears of War Event and the first event under Jack-Nation Red.

The main event of this Pay-Per-View was Jack-6 defending the Greatest Championship against Cooler.

Background Edit

Gears of War featured simulated professional wrestling matches that involve fictional wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the Jack-Nation's episodes. Wrestlers will portray villains or heroes as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

Over the past few months, the Jack-Nation started out as a group of wrestlers invading a Pay-Per-View and since quickly became a full-fledged promotion. Featuring various M4G-Nation alumni 'disgruntled' with how they were handled by the league, the promotion cemented itself as an 'anti-M4G-Nation' that puts emphasis on showing the work rate and dedication of its workers. The promotion is led by the eponymous Jack-6, who gathered wrestlers unable or refusing to go through the 'portal' from WWE2K14 to WWE2K15 as well as workers (and their championships) from the then-defunct D-League to provide an alternative to M4G-Nation wrestling.

A 40-Man Royal Rumble was held to determine a #1 contender for the Greatest Championship. Cooler last eliminated John Manziel to earn a shot at Jack-6's title.

Several tournaments took place over the course of multiple Jack-Nation Red episodes with each winner getting a title shot at their respective championship belts. Donatello defeated Robin to challenge D-League member Yoda for the Flippy Championship, while Toon Squad defeated F'ing Machines to qualify for the TMNXT Tag Team Championship. Lastly, Piccolo claimed victory over Spawn to contend against Blade for the TMNXT Championship.

Results Edit

# Match Stipulation
1 Yoda defeated Donatello to win the Flippy Championship. Ladder Match
2 Toon Squad (Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny) defeated Johnnywood Blondes (Johnny Bravo and Scott Steiner) to win the TMNXT Tag Team Championship.
3 Piccolo defeated Blade (c) 2-1 to win the TMNXT Championship. Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
4 Sephiroth won a 20-Man Royal Rumble by last eliminating Captain Britain 20-Man Royal Rumble Match
5 Jack-6 (c) defeated Cooler to retain the Greatest Championship.

Royal Rumble Entrants and Eliminations Edit

Entrant Eliminated By Eliminations
1 Captain Pollution 2 Booster Gold 0
2 Booster Gold 5 Loki 2
3 M. Bison 1 Cookie Monster 0
4 Reptile 4 Booster Gold 0
5 Cookie Monster 3 Robin 1
6 Loki 6 Spawn 1
7 Robin 7 Spawn 1
8 Spawn 9 King Leonidas 2
9 Donkey Kong 8 Captain America and King Leonidas 0
10 Captain America 10 The Riddler 1
11 King Leonidas 15 Sephiroth 5
12 The Riddler 13 King Leonidas 2
13 Gipsy Danger 12 The Riddler 0
14 Venom 16 Flash 0
15 Marcus Fenix 14 King Leonidas 0
16 Tony the Tiger 11 King Leonidas 0
17 Flash 17 Nightcrawler 1
18 Sephiroth N/A WINNER 2
19 Captain Britain 19 Sephiroth 1
20 Nightcrawler 18 Captain Britain 1

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