Origin Legend of Zelda
Debut: June 23, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Gerudo Stunner (Inverted electric chair dropped into a stunner)
Ganondorf Dragmire is a major recurring villain in the majority of the Legend of Zelda video games, who formerly competed in the M4G-Nation for some time simply referred to as Ganondorf.

Despite being a powerful force and a dark lord in each of his video game appearances, he achieved few success in the M4G-Nation, having only won a single match. He is formerly one part of a tag team with Darth Vader as Imperial Destruction, who competed for the Tag Team Championship at one time.


Ganondorf made his debut in the M4G-Nation on June 23, 2012 fighting fellow villainous tyrant Frieza in a singles match, where he successfully defeated the overlord. He then formed a tag team with Darth Vader thus creating Imperial Destruction. Together, they developed a promo regarding Team Old School's success as a team, claiming that they were 'too lucky' in each of their title defenses. They were interrupted by Team Old School, who then began a match with them with their Tag Team Championship belts on the line. In spite of their dominance over the two Pokemon characters, Ganondorf and Darth Vader were inexplicably disqualified from the match. This marked the substantial halt in Ganondorf's momentum as a professional wrestler.

Imperial Destruction returned a few months later to participate in the TMN Tag Team Tourney. Although they displayed a tremendous effort, they were unable to defeat Space Ghost and Bane in the first round. Ganondorf was then released from the M4G-Nation, and has yet to be seen in the league.


  • Ganondorf's entrance resembles that of real life professional wrestler The Undertaker.
  • His win/loss record in the company is 1-2, having earned his only victory in a singles match against Frieza.
  • Packard and Trevor often mistake Ganondorf's name as Voldemort, Gandalf the Great, or the portmanteau 'Ganondalf', much to M4Gnitude's chagrin. 

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