Galctic Throwdown III (also referred to as GT III) was a pay-per-view event held by the fictional Youtube-based wrestling organization The M4GNation. It was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Sunday July 5, 2014. It was the third event to use the Galactic Throwdown title in the M4GNation and marked the third anniversary of the start of M4GNation's pay-per-views. The theme of the show was based on World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania III event. It consisted of an undercard, and three main events: a highly anticipated first-time match between all-time greats Ash Ketchum vs Jack-6, the M4GNation Blue Championship match between Gipsy Danger and Kratos (c), and the M4GNation Green Championship between Deadpool and Ryu (c).

Background and historyEdit

The M4GNation is a fictional organization which uses created wrestlers based on pop-culture, sports, and other media venues to create storylines which lead to matches.

Match line-upEdit

Cookie Monster Vs Shadow Edit

Cookie Monster had won the M4GNation Blue Championship recently, surprising many observers and attracting the interest of outgoing commentator and wrestler the Shadow, who was cross-branding with Shadow Force Wrestling. After Cookie Monster failed to retain the title in his first defence only a month later against Kratos, and was subsequently eliminated in the first round of a Number 1 Contender's tournament (won by Gipsy Danger, who would earn the right to challenge Kratos in the M4GNation Blue main event for the Blue Championship), Shadow turned heel and announced that he and Captain Pollution were taking Cookie Monster apart for embarrassing himself, Shadow, and Shadow Force Wrestling. Cookie Monster met Shadow on M4GNation Blue's weekly show to accept Shadow's challenge. The match at GTIII would consist of Captain Pollution tagging with Shadow to face Cookie Monster and a mystery partner of Cookie Monster's choosing. At GT III, Cookie Monster's partner would turn out to be U.S. Army veteran, and former M4GNation commentator and wrestler Blackwing (real name Pat James Reagan, or PJR). The match was announced as Shadow's final appearance (for the foreseeable future) in the M4GNation.

Hardcore Championship Edit

Green Goblin had developed into a highly competitive Hardcore Champion. Through a series of qualifying matches and general reputation, 5 opponents were set to challenge Green Goblin for his Hardcore Championship match in a 6-Man Armageddon Hell in a Cell. The 6-man match consisted of the champion Green Goblin, Bizarro, Servo, Red Ranger, Spawn, and veteran Darth Maul.

Atom-Weight Championship Edit

Through a series of qualifying matches, 5 contenders were determined to challenge for Atom-Weight Champion Gambit's title. The 6-man match consisted of the champion Gambit, former champions Frieza, Android 16, Mega Man, and veterans Ezio and Spider-man.

Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match Edit

A 10-team gauntlet (teams proceeding one another via elimination until a single team remains to win the championship) was held between Super Smash Brothers (Captain Falcon and Link), TMNT (Leonardo and Michaelangelo), Power Rangers (White Ranger and Red Ranger), Bad to the Bows (Hawkeye and Green Arrow), Xotica Xpress (Broly and Brock), Team Angle (Iron Patriot and Hiei), defending champions Batman and Robin, Space Balls (Frieza and Space Ghost) 2-time champions Mortal Kombat (Scorpion and Reptile), Red Death (Red Tornado and Zangief), and Neo Underworld (Skeletor and Myotismon).

Solarflare Title Edit

An Extreme Rules match was held between Solarflare Champion Darth Vader (a two-time M4GNation champion) and Raiden.

Intergalactic Title Edit

Buu earned a chance to win his first Intergalactic championship through a qualifying match. Defending champion Vegeta had won the title back from Ash Ketchum only a month earlier. This, along with the following match-up of Ash Ketchum vs Jack-6, had been labelled a "dream match" and was the first time the two storied competitors had faced-off.

Ash Ketchum vs Jack-6 Edit

Following Ash Ketchum's loss of the Intergalactic title to Vegeta, Ash declared himself a contender for the Tag Team Championship match with former tag team partner (and Tag Team Champion) Brock, as he had conquered the M4GNation, so there was little left for him to do but go back to the start of his career. Jack-6, who had recently returned and was holding off on Pay-Per-View appearances until he felt he saw a challenge he deemed worthy, approached Ash on M4GNation Blue's weekly show and declared Ash to be "better than that," before challenging Ash to a match at GT III to determine who was the greatest wrestler in M4GNation history. Jack-6 had laid claim to being the most dominant champion in M4GNation history, and Ash had won every championship at least once (except for the seldom-acknowledged Internet Championship). Ash accepted the match at GT III, which was set to be a straightforward singles match, with no interference. It was proclaimed by many to be a dream match, as it was the first time the two "greatest wrestlers" in M4GNation history faced one another in a singles match.

M4GNation Green Championship Edit

Deadpool earned a chance to become the M4GNation championship for the first time. A week before GT III, he was challenged by Quan-Chi, with the stipulation added that if Quan-Chi won then Deadpool would relinquish his main event spot to him, but if Deadpool won, then Quan-Chi would spend a season on TMNXT. Deadpool narrowly defeated Quan-Chi, retaining his Number 1 contender's status, and gaining momentum heading into the match. Ryu had recently regained the M4GNation Green Championship from Perfection and Captain America, and was eager to accept a challenge from someone who he felt had earned it through years of hard work.

M4GNation Blue Championship Edit

Gipsy Danger won a tournament to become the Number 1 Contender to the M4GNation Blue championship. It had not been defeated in a singles match leading up to GT III, and was essentially undefeated in this respect. Kratos had recently won back the Blue Championship from Cookie Monster, and was still trying to gain momentum and credibility as champion - as such, he was eager to defeat the unbeaten Gipsy Danger and prove himself to be a worthy champion. This match was labelled as "the ultimate Hoss fight" by commentator Trevor.


Cookie Monster and PJR vs Captain Pollution and Shadow Edit

Cookie Monster pinned Shadow following a Codebreaker knee-facebuster by PJR to Shadow.

Hardcore Championship Edit

Green Goblin retained his title via submission after forcing Red Ranger to submit to the Camel Clutch.

Atom-Weight Championship Edit

Gambit retained his title by possession of the title at the top of the ladder.

Tag Team Championship Match Edit

Neo-Underworld entered last and defeated Xotica Xpress via Skeletor's Spinebuster to Broly to win their first Tag Team Championship.

Solarflare Title Edit

Raiden defeated Darth Vader via Thunderclap to win the championship. Following the win, Raiden was attacked by Kakashi, of the Perfection faction.

Intergalactic Title Edit

Buu defeated Vegeta following two Buu Balls to win the championship.

Jack-6 Vs Ash Ketchum Edit

Jack-6 defeated Ash Ketchum via inside cradle after neither man could finish the other using signature manoeuvres.

M4GNation Green Championship Edit

Ryu defeated Deadpool to retain the championship following a grounded Shoryuken/Shining Wizard.

M4GNation Blue Championship Edit

Kratos defeated Gipsy Danger to retain the championship following two Blades of Chaos running musclebusters.

Links Edit (PPV on YouTube)

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