Galactic Throwdown 3 was a M4G-Nation Pay-Per-View Event which took place on July 5, 2014. it was the third Galactic Throwdown Event.

The co-main events of this Pay-Per-View were of Kratos vs. tournament winner Gipsy Danger for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship, as well as Ryu vs. Deadpool for the M4G-Nation Green Championship.

Background Edit

Galactic Throwdown 3 featured simulated professional wrestling matches that involve fictional wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots, and storylines that play out on the M4G-Nation's daily episodes. Wrestlers will portray villains or heroes as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

A 16 man tournament was held among members of M4G-Nation Blue's roster, with the winner getting an opportunity to challenge Kratos for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship. By the tournament's finale, Gipsy Danger defeated The Joker and thus earned a shot at the brand's premier championship.

M4G-Nation Green's #1 contender for their top title was determined via a 40-Man Royal Rumble. Internet Champion Deadpool entered at #40 and emerged victorious by last eliminating The Hulk. On M4G-Nation Green's 11th Episode, Deadpool was challenged by Quan Chi, who claimed that Deadpool's only opportunity was gained merely by a single match, while others (such as himself) worked hard to earn it. Deadpool challenged Quan Chi to a match later in the show, where the winner will challenge Ryu for the M4G-Nation Green Championship, and if Quan Chi loses - he'll be relegated to the D-League. Deadpool defeated Quan Chi and remained a challenger for the main championship.

Ash Ketchum - furious at his absence from the 16-man tournament, voiced his displeasure to the audience and inserted himself into the tag team gauntlet. Jack-6 - Ash's former Buu Supremacy cohort, interrupted the former M4G-Nation Blue champion and challenged him to a match at Galactic Throwdown 3, claiming that he is the reason why Ash Ketchum 'thrived' in the M4G-Nation.

On episode 18 of M4G-Nation Blue, Buu won a 40-Man Royal Rumble by last eliminating The Joker, earning him an opportunity to fight for the Intergalactic Championship, held by Vegeta.

The Solar Flare Championship #1 contenders match was held on episode 12 of M4G-Nation Green. Raiden defeated Strider Hiryu, The Hulk, and Trunks in order to face Darth Vader for the secondary title.

A tag team gauntlet match was announced to take place at the event, with a total of 10 teams fighting for the Tag Team Championship, including current champions Batman & Robin.

Two Ladder Matches took place in the weeks prior to the event, with the winners joining three other wrestlers to challenge for Gambit's Atom Weight Championship in a Six-Man Ladder Match. Ezio defeated Tien Shinhan, Green Ranger, and Hiei to advance and represent M4G-Nation Green, while Spiderman was victorious against LinkThe White RangerRed RangerJesus, and The Riddler to represent M4G-Nation Blue.

After Cookie Monster's unfortunate first round elimination from the 16-man tournament, long-time supporter The Shadow turned heel and attacked the former. The Shadow then cut a promo on Cookie Monster, proclaiming his former ally to be 'too weak' for use to revive his brand, and that he has found a new partner in crime in the form of Captain Pollution. Driven by revenge, Cookie Monster appeared before him and challenged him to a match at Galactic Throwdown 3, The Shadow accepted, but stated that Cookie Monster must face him and Captain Pollution while allied with a partner of his choice.

Results Edit

# Match Stipulation
1 Cookie Monster and Blackwing defeated Captain Pollution and The Shadow. Tornado Tag Team Elimination Match
2 Green Goblin (c) defeated Red Ranger, Bizzaro, Servo, Spawn, and Darth Maul to retain the Hardcore Championship. Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match
3 Gambit (c) defeated Spiderman, Mega Man, Android 17, Frieza, and Ezio to retain the Atom-Weight Championship. Six Man Ladder Match
4.1 Super Smash Bros (Captain Falcon and Link) defeated TMNT (Leonardo and Michaelangelo).
4.2 Super Smash Bros (Captain Falcon and Link) defeated Power Rangers (The White Ranger and Red Ranger).
4.3 Bad 2 the Bow (Green Arrow and Hawkeye) defeated Super Smash Bros (Captain Falcon and Link).
4.4 The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) defeated Bad 2 the Bow (Green Arrow and Hawkeye).
4.5 The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) defeated Team Angle (Iron Patriot and Hiei).
4.6 The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) defeated Batman & Robin.
4.7 The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) defeated Spaceballs (Space Ghost and Frieza).
4.8 The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) defeated Mortal Kombat (Scorpion and Reptile).
4.9 The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) defeated Red Death (Zangief and Red Tornado).
4.10 The Neo-Underworld (Myotismon and Skeletor) defeated The Xotica Xpress (Brock and Broly) to win the Tag Team Championship.
5 Raiden defeated Darth Vader (c) to win the Solar Flare Championship. Extreme Rules Match
6 Buu defeated Vegeta (c) to win the Intergalactic Championship.
7 Jack-6 defeated Ash Ketchum.
8 Ryu (c) defeated Deadpool to retain the M4G-Nation Green Championship.
9 Kratos (c) defeated Gipsy Danger to retain the M4G-Nation Blue Championship.
  • (c) refers to the champion(s) entering the match

Commentators Edit

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