Origin Dragon Ball Z
Debut: March 28, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Death Ball (Swinging side slam backbreaker followed by a double underhook powerbomb followed by a DDT)
Frieza  is one of the most significant villians in the Dragonball Z franchise and a former competitor in the M4G-Nation. 

Frieza debuted in the 5th ever M4G-Nation match and competed in various matches during the M4G-Nation's early days and even appeared as the number 1 entrant in the 1st M4G-Nation Royal Rumble. Despite being a powerful villian in the Dragonball Z universe, Frieza has been hugely unsuccessful in the M4G-Nation failing to win a single match during his time there. He is currently a member of the M4G-Nation.


Along with his father King Cold, Frieza ruled most of the known universe with the World Trade Organization. He was an evil, dominant tyrant that had taken over many planets with ease using his own or his henchmen's exceptional strength and power. He previously had a deal with the saiyans as part of the deal, but Frieza strongly detested the saiyan race and was rumoured to be afraid of the legend of the Super Saiyan. To prevent this proherchy from coming into fruition, Frieza took it upon himself to destroy the home of the saiyans - Planet Vegeta. Frieza managed to kill every saiyan alive (including King Vegeta) except for a rare few off the planet including Goku, Vegeta, Nappa, Raditz and Broly. Frieza relishes death and destruction and takes much enjoyment out of the suffering of others. This is proven to be true by his cruelty to the Namekians.


Frieza appeared in the 5th ever M4G-Nation match, debuting against the Sith Lord Darth Maul in the first ever M4G-Nation Hell In A Cell Match on March 28th 2012. Frieza was unsuccessful in winning after taking a fall through the cell cieling after being hit with an Russian Leg Sweep. Frieza appeared in the first ever Royal Rumble in the M4G-Nation as the 1st entrant on April 20th 2012. He lasted about 9 minutes before being eliminated by Yoko Kurama.

On June 23rd 2012 he returned to fight Ganondorf. However, bad luck would strike Frieza a 2nd time, when he lost AGAIN in his match with Ganondorf. He was also unsuccessful in winning a triple threat table match which also included Mace Windu and Iron Man on July 13th. All the entrants in that match were winless by that point, but Mace Windu recieved his first win by putting Iron Man through a table with a running spear. His last match in the M4G-Nation came on August 16th 2012, when he lost to Voldemort in a singles match. He was released shortly afterwards despite Pat James Regan asking for Frieza to get one last chance.

D-League ReturnEdit

On TMNXT week 12, Frieza was brought back as an Undrafted Free Agent. He would be in a Hell in a Cell match with Cable, Jack Skellington, Chewbacca, Venom, and Ultramantis Black. He ended up losing.

Hired AgainEdit

On December 3, 2013, M4Gnation Green annouced Frieza was hired on the roster. He would then team with Space Ghost to become the tag team Spaceballs. They would lose their first match vs Chaos Theory. On the third episode of M4G-Nation Green, Android #17 would issue an open challege to anyone in the locker room to which Frieza accepted. Frieza would end up pinning the Hall of Famer after a Death Ball and would not only get his first win in the M4G-Nation, but would also win the Atom-Weight Championship.

Theme SongEdit

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Frieza Theme Song

Frieza Theme Song

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DBZ Abridged - Frieza's Ringtone Full Version HD

DBZ Abridged - Frieza's Ringtone Full Version HD


  • Frieza appeared in his first match in the M4G-Nation in his 4th and Final Form, while at 100% full power. This is the form he was in at the end of his battle with the Super Saiyan Goku on Planet Namek. This form does Frieza bulkier and greatly increases his muscle mass. However, after fans complained about his appearance in his match with Darth Maul, Frieza was reduced to his 50% power Final Form. This form has Frieza appearing a lot more thinner, and is probably the most recognizable form Frieza has. It is currently the one he uses in the M4G-Nation.
  • Frieza is one of a few Dragonball Z characters to have been winless in the M4G-Nation. The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly has also never won a fight in the M4G-Nation.