Elvis Presley
Origin Real Life
Debut: March 6th 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Swag Elbow (Elbow Drop With Theatrics)
Elvis Presley was an american singer that appeared in the M4G-Nation.

Elvis had the distinction of being in the 2nd ever M4G-Nation match when he took on Vegeta in a ladder match. The "King Of Rock And Roll" only had one match in the M4G-Nation.


Elvis' first and only match in the M4G-Nation happened on March 6th 2012. This match was the 2nd ever match in the M4G-Nation Elvis competed against the "Prince Of All Saiyans" Vegeta in a ladder match. However, "The King Of Rock And Roll" was unsuccessful in picking up the win and was never seen again in the M4G-Nation

Theme SongEdit

Elvis - Hound Dog02:16

Elvis - Hound Dog

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