Eddy Gordo is a capoeira fighter from the TEKKEN series that is set to appear on the M4G-Nation Blue Roster.


Eddy Gordo was born to a rich family in Brazil. He hoped to one day run the family business. However, Eddy's father was assisnated. His father told Eddy to take the blame for the murder and take prison as he believed that was where was safest for him to be. Eddy followed his father's wish and learned how to fight while locked up in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Learning capoeria, he made himself into a weapon and swore revenge on his father's killing. He eventually found out that the murder was ordered by the then-head of the Mishima Zibatszu Kazuya Mishima. Since then, he vows to fight and defeat Kazuya for his father. In recent games, he's spent time securing the money for his sick master's medical bills. This even forced him to take a job offered by Kazuya's son Jin Kazama IN the Zibatszu. Motivated by his master and Kazuya being Jin's main target, Eddy did anything to try and undo the wrongs in his life. 


Trevor announced Eddy's inclusion in his roster in an episode of BLUE. Trevor said that he found him on the XBOX servers and downloaded him ready for action.

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