A dual champion is someone that has held two championship at one time in the M4G-Nation. It is rare to see dual champions, even in real life professional wrestling. In the M4G-Nation it has only ever happened three times.


In August, the hardcore champion Jesus won the Atom Weight Tournament(2013) to earn the right to challenge for Adolf Hitler's Atom-Weight Championship at Singularity. With Jesus' Hardcore title being defended 24/7, both titles would be on the line resulting in the crowning of the first ever Dual Champion in M4G-Nation history. The match was won by Adolf Hitler, who defeated Jesus to retain his Atom-Weight title and win the Hardcore title. He became the first man to hold both belts at once. However, this would not last long as Adolf opted to vacate the Hardcore Championship because he didn't want to be greedy. He also lost the Atom-Weight Championship a month later to Tien Shinhan.

The second dual champion emerged at the Space Jam PPV in December 2013. On December 2nd 2013, Zangief won the Solar Flare Championship by defeating Raiden, The Hulk and Space Ghost in a fatal four way TLC match. While winning the singles title, he was also competing in a mini tournament to determine the new Tag Team Champions as well. Teaming up with Red Death, the duo defeated Mortal Kombat at Space Jam to win the vacant titles. This resulted in Zangief holding two belts at once, making him the second man to become a dual champion. However, he was only dual champion for a brief moment as he would lose the Solar Flare Championship to Quan Chi later that night. Red Death also lost the tag team titles at Supernova II to Mortal Kombat.

The third dual champion was crowned on March 5th 3014, when M4G-Nation Blue and M4G-Nation Green competed in a 7 on 7 elimination match for the bragging rights. Every current champion competed in that match (except for Internet Champion Deadpool, who's not defended that championship since he won it in December). The Hardcore Championship would also be defended during the match, as anyone who pinned or submitted The Tick would become champion via the 24/7 rule. Bandit Keith won the championship from The Tick but then M4G-Nation Blue Champion Ash Ketchum pinned Keith to become the champion since the 24/7 rule was still in tact. Ash Ketchum lasted the remainder of the match without getting eliminated, resulting in Ash walking out of the match the third ever dual champion holding the M4G-Nation Blue Championship and Hardcore Championship. He currently still has both.

List Of Dual ChampionsEdit

# Wrestler Date Event Titles Held
1 Adolf Hitler August 4th 2013 Singularity Atom-Weight Championship And The Hardcore Championship
2 Zangief December 29th 2013 Space Jam Solar Flare Championship And The Tag Team Championship
3 Ash Ketchum March 5th 2013 M4G-Nation Bragging Rights M4G-Nation Blue Championship And The Hardcore Championship

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