Dragon Balls are magical orange balls capable of having any wish granted by the Eternal Dragon Shenron, if all 7 balls are collected. In the M4G-Nation they are only ever used to ressurected killed superstars.


The dragon balls have been mentioned by the M4G-Nation commentary booth as a potential reason for certain "killed" superstars returning like Captain America. However, the Dragon Balls were used for the first time by the Super Saiyan Trunks, who collected all 7 Dragon Balls and wished for his partner Link back to life. Link confirmed the Dragon Balls as the reason behing his ressurection on May 28th 2013. This means that is now possible for "killed" M4G-Nation wrestlers to be brought back to life through the use of the Dragon Balls.

Superstars Wished Back To Life By The Dragon BallsEdit

# Superstar Brought Back Date Killed Wished Back By Date The Wish Was Made Date The Superstar Returned
1 Link July 4th 2012 Trunks Some time before the main event at Sonic Boom May 26th 2013