Donald Trump
Origin Real Life
Debut: May 6, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: You're Fired! (Lariat, with theatrics)
Donald John Trump Sr. (Born June 14, 1946) is an American buisness magnate, television personality, and author. He made a single appearance in the M4G-Nation as a part-time fictional professional wrestler.

Despite his lack of wrestling ability in real life and brief appearance, he shows a hardcore, reckless type of ability in the squared circle.


Donald Trump made his debut fighting in a triple threat match also including Dragon Ball Z's Piccolo and Street Fighter's Ryu. He was quick to make an impact by using and receiving multiple steel chairs, garbage cans, and sledgehammer attacks. His dangerous wrestling ability reached its apex when he sent Ryu through a flaming table. Battered to the point of drawing blood, Trump persevered, going as far as to successfully land his clothesline-esque finisher a total of three times while bruised and bloody. He even nearly pinned Piccolo, but had his pin interrupted by Ryu on several occasions.

In the final moments of the gruesome battle, Ryu managed to pin Piccolo in front of Trump, who was too dazed and damaged to realize that his opposition was seconds away from achieving victory. Trump attempted to intervene, but he managed to trip and fall short of breaking the pin, meaning that Ryu left the ring triumphant. Donald Trump has never been seen ever since.


  • The real life Donald Trump actually appeared in the WWE a number of times, working in a feud with WWE chairman Vince McMahon. He is known to be a fan of wrestling, actively attending WWE shows, and has even hosted two Wrestlemania events in the Trump Plaza. Trump also appeared in Wrestlemania 23 as part of a storyline - again with Vince McMahon, in a 'Hair vs. Hair match'. More details can be found here.
  • The name of his finishing maneuver is a reference to Trump's own reality game show, The Apprentice. The show is well known for popularizing Donald Trump's catchphrase - 'You're Fired'.

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