Origin Django: Unchained
Debut: January 18th 2013
Career: Inactive (Released)
Finishing Move: The Unchained (Argentine backbreaker)

Django was a former member of the M4G-Nation roster and a part of a tag team with Boba Fett called "Million Dollar Bounty".

In the wake of the release of Django Unchained, Django graced the M4G-Nation by challenging Vegeta for the Hardcore Championship. In an impressive showing, Django was unable to pick up the win. Despite the loss, Django remained a favourite in the M4G-Nation commentary booth. However, after his partner Boba Fett won the Royal Rumble and moved on to singles competition Django was released from the M4G-Nation.


Django first debuted in the M4G-Nation on January 18th 2013 to face Vegeta for the Hardcore Championship. Django proved himself to be a hard test for the reigning champion Vegeta and took a very high-risk approach to his offence. However his obsession with using the ladders proved to be his downfall and he would fall victim to the "Walls Of Vegeta" which made him submit.

Django then started to team with fellow bounty hunter Boba Fett, forming the Million Dollar Bounty. They first teamed together on February 13th to face Ryu and Ryu Hayabusa. They went on to lose that match, and then lose to the Kings Of The Jungle on April 12th 2013. Django then appeared in the 4th ever Royal Rumble as the 3rd entrant. However Django was the first man eliminated in the match by Wolverine. The match also saw his partner Boba Fett win the match and earn a shot at the M4G-Nation Championship. This effectivley ended their partnership as Django was soon released and Boba moved on to singles competition to fight the Buu Supremacy.

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  • Django and Boba Fett were put together not only because of both men's careers as bounty hunters but also due to Boba's father being called "Jango", similar to Django's name.

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