Origin Pokemon
Debut: April 9th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Coast-to-coast (Corner-to-corner missile dropkick)
Dawn is a character from the famed Pokemon series and is an active member of the Harlot's Division.

She is one half of the DD Championship teaming with longtime member Misty as Jiggypuffs. She is 3-1 in her career so far and has shown a high amount of skill, speed, and athletic ability. Despite her young status she has a bright future in the M4G-Nation and maybe a future singles champion.


Jiggypuffs and riseEdit

Dawn would team with Misty as the debut of Jiggypuffs to take on the team of Catwoman and Emma Frost on April 9th 2013. She would display an amazing ability to fly as she would take out Catwoman by flying all the way across the ring. The next match for Dawn would be a second on May 15th 2013 vs Chun Li and Samus. She would hit a ddt on the announce table to Samus. The count was at 4 and after Dawn took down Chun Li would get back in the ring while Sanus would be counted out winning the match for JiggyPuffs. JiggyPuffs would trash talk Hermione Granger about not having her partner Daphne Blake  and stating thye would be after the championships. A match would be made for Sonic Boom Between The Griffonwhores and Jiggypuffs. Dawn would destory Hermione giving her a moonsault on the announce table, a spear through the barricade, and a Superkick while Hermione was in mid air to pin Hermione and winning the match for her team and becoming the DD Champions. Dawn would take part in a one on one Money in the Bank qualifier vs Poision Ivy on June 12th. Dawn would not be able to beat poision Ivy failing to enter the match and ending her unbeaten streak.

Enterance ThemeEdit

Powerglove - Gotta Catch Em All (Feat

Powerglove - Gotta Catch Em All (Feat. Tony Kakko)-1


  • She has only ever fought in three matches that were all tag team matches
  • She has been given the monker "Not the bitch to mess with" becuase of her ability to give damage
  • She is 3-1 in lifetime matches