Darth Maul
Darth Maul
Origin Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Debut: March 28, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Sith Legacy (Argentine double knee gutbuster)
Darth Maul is a villain character from the widely acclaimed science fiction saga Star Wars, who is currently employed in the M4G-Nation as a fictional professional wrestler.

A notable veteran of the M4G-Nation roster, Darth Maul has made appearances in several variations of matches to determine or precipitate further title matches, and has solidified himself as an experienced and resilient foe to many. He currently fights in the Atom-Weight Division of - as the name implies, light weight wrestlers, and has captured the division's coveted and namesake Atom-Weight Championship a single time. He has also formed alliances with Dante as the Big Red Machines, and Myotismon as the short lived tag team The Underworld. Both teams of which were able to contend for the Tag Team Championship.


Debut and Bad LuckEdit

Darth Maul's debut was recorded on March 28, 2012 pitting the fresh superstar against Frieza in a Hell in a Cell fight, which saw the Star Wars villain exit the diabolical cage as the victor. Instantly seizing any chance to attain a championship, Darth Maul entered the first Elimination Chamber match conjured to determine a #1 contender for the then known ExtraSolar Championship. The crimson and ebony outfitted superstar was scheduled to fight Bojack, Broly, Yoko Kurama, Captain America, and Pikachu. However, his feather weight quality was too much of a burden for him, as he was the initial man to be eliminated by the heavyweight combatant Bojack. Six days later, and the newcomer was inexplicably included in the first ever Royal Rumble match, where he was unable to score any eliminations at the #23 spot before falling to Android 16.

The Sith Warrior's second singles battle occured against the robotic warrior Optimus Prime, where he underwent his first one on one defeat after receiving an Optimus Bomb and a pinfall. It was by then that Darth Maul teamed up with the equally as crimson Dante to form Big Red Machines. As a duo, Dante and Darth Maul set their sights on the Tag Team Championship currently owned by Team Old School. To challenge the champions, the Big Red Machines were tasked with achieving victory against 3 other teams in a miniature tag team tournament, with the winners earning a title shot for the aforementioned belts. For the first round, the red clad brawlers easily handled the likes of Piccolo and Tony Hawk, then managed to reign supreme against Captain America and Captain Planet, proving that they are not ones to be trifled with. By ending the tournament as the dominant team, Darth Maul and Dante were granted a priviledge to compete against Team Old School for the title belts at the M4G-Nations inaugural Pay-Per-View - Galactic Throwdown. Unfortunately, they failed to beat Ash Ketchum and Brock.

Left with a crushed spirit following his loss, Darth Maul received an additional opportunity for title gold at the Atom-Weight Tourney. However, despite being largely favored to win his first round steel cage match against Skeeter Valentine, the opposite occured in an upset loss as he watched on in contempt at the underdog descending down the towering structure. Remaining perseverant, Darth Maul involved himself in a Money in the Bank ladder match piting himself against Captain America - who the sith warrior last met in the elimination chamber, Ryu, The Hulk, Marcus Fenix and Blue Ranger. In spite of a laudable effort portrayed by Darth Maul, he left the squared circle briefcase-less. At the second Royal Rumble booked to determine an opponent for then Inter-Universal Champion Buu, Darth Maul made an appearance at the slightly more favorable #26 spot. He put forth an impressive Royal Rumble performance, having eliminated Raphael, Goku, and Krillin until his elimination at the hands of King. Unable to contend for the Atom-Weight Championship after losing a Fatal 4 Way match, his phase of terrible luck continued at the TMN Tag Team Tourney, where he - along with Dante, were incapable of mirroring their promising tag team effort previously put forth. Still without a championship belt following a myriad of attempts and squandered opportunities, the member of 'Team Cleveland' briefly left the M4G-Nation in order to train.

WWE '13 and Additional Title PursuitsEdit

Making his return on December 18, 2012, Darth Maul kicked off his WWE '13 debut with an exhibition match against other returning superstar King in a losing effort. Darth Maul then entered the third Royal Rumble match in hopes of securing a spot in the main event of Big Bang. Dissapointingly, his performance was but a mimic of his Royal Rumble debut with zero eliminations. Unaffected by his early string of losses, Darth Maul sought after the Tag Team Championship a third time, qualifying for a match at Big Bang despite missing his opportunity to partake in the PPV at the Royal Rumble. Lampooned by announcer Packard for his multiple failed title shots, Darth Maul with his new tag team partner Myotismon battled against Spartan Fury to a close match, but ultimately, the champions emerged as the winner.

Refusing to deprive himself of hope, he then yearned for the Atom-Weight Championship in the month following his second PPV loss, but he once again was faced with yet another defeat after Ezio pinned Jesus behind Darth Maul's back. Unsatisfied by the payoff of his training, Darth Maul took another hiatus from the company to further hone his skills.


The M4G-Nation audience then witnessed the return of Darth Maul at the fourth Royal Rumble held on April 13, 2013. Entering in at the unlucky #13, Darth Maul shared the fate resembling his previous rumble performance. This marked the official events prior to Darth Maul's eventual rise to glory. Proving that the term 'Defeatist' is absent from his vocabulary, Darth Maul eagerly pursued the Atom-Weight Championship in a Fatal 4 Way qualifying match which included former Atom-Weight champion Trunks, Jesus, and Ryu Hayabusa. The Sith superstar surprised the competition when he pinned Trunks to earn a shot against Ash Ketchum at Vernal Equinox. At the closing segments of the battle between Ash and Darth Maul, a misplaced clothesline to referee Freddy Jones temporarily left him winded and doubled over in pain. the Star Wars antagonist then seized the opportunity and used the force to his benefit, acquiring a chair in the process, and struck the steel weapon against the temple of the champion. Freddy Jones was temporarily dazed until he witnessed Darth Maul over a damaged Ash Ketchum in an effort to pin. One gradual three count later, and Darth Maul had successfully dethroned the Atom-Weight Champion. Much to the delight of the commentary booth, who unanimously detested the heel wrestler. This PPV helped Darth Maul put a long awaited conclusion to his chapter of horrible luck.

Darth Maul's reign as champion lasted until Sonic Boom, the Pay-Per-View event following Vernal Equinox, where preliminary Elimination Chamber winners Ash Ketchum and Adolf Hitler engaged against Darth Maul and one another in a triple threat match. Darth Maul ultimately lost the title to Adolf Hitler in the bout.

Return to FailureEdit

Seemingly reverting to his old form once more, Darth Maul succumbed to Trunks in singles competition after failing to defend his title. Assuming that the Atom-Weight Championship should no longer be a title befitting him, the complacent superstar then participated in a six man armageddon Hell in a Cell match to determine a pay per view battle between the victor and Master Chief. Once again, Darth Maul's small stature entailed his defeat once more. Darth Maul would then try to become the Atom Weight Champion again by taking part in the Atom Weight Tournament(2013). However Darth Maul would lose to Red Ranger in round one.

Road to GoldEdit

After failing to win the royal rumble match Darth Maul would battle Iron Man in a Road To Gold Series qualifier match. After a long fought battle Darth Maul would win the match becoming the 11th man in the Road to Gold Series.

Darth Maul would then fail to win a fatal four way match vs Captain America, Yusuke Urameshi, and Cookie Monster on September 5th.

2K14 Edit

Darth Maul would appear a few times in TMN Green for number 1 contendership matches for the Atom-Weight Championship but would fail to win any of them and would lose any other match that he was put in. He eventually got a win over Blade at M4Gamania for the Hardcore Championship but would immediately lose it to the Hulk. Maul would then be featured in a fatal 4-way match against Cyclops, Frieza, and Hiei for a shot at the new Green Atom-Weight Championship. Maul would win the match by pinning Frieza. He would then face the other fatal 4-way winner Space Ghost in a ladder match for the new Green title. Despite getting manhandled throughout the match, Darth Maul would climb the ladder and retrieved the title after punching Space Ghost off the top earning him his third title reign.

Theme SongEdit

Star Wars - John Williams - Duel Of The Fates04:15

Star Wars - John Williams - Duel Of The Fates


  • Darth Maul is one of the two men who has appeared in every single Royal Rumble.
  • In said Royal Rumbles, only one of which has Darth Maul successfully eliminating an opponent (three, in fact).
  • Recently, he has been granted the nickname 'Darth Paul' by the show's commentators.
  • Darth Maul currently holds a win/loss record of 6-17.
  • He has sought after the Atom-Weight Championship a total of four times, the Tag Team Championship a total of three times combined with Myotismon and Dante, the Galactic Championship on two occasions, and the Inter-Universal/M4G-Nation Championship four times (once with each Royal Rumble).
  • Reportedly, Darth Maul is a favorite of head commentator M4Gnitude.
  • Darth Maul's entrance mimics that of real life professional wrestler The Undertaker.
  • Darth Maul holds the record for the shortest Hardcore Championship reign with 5 minutes.


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