Daphne Blake
Origin Scooby Doo
Debut: November 4th 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Damsel in Distress (Front flip neckbreaker)
Daphne Blake is a character from the Scooby Doo franchise and is a active member of the Harlot's Division

She is a former one time DD Championship holder having held the belt alongside Hermione Granger as the tag team The Griffonwhores and a member of The Gang Bang  . She is one of the hottest members of the roster. She is also a very powerful fighter and has beaten most everyone one the roster. She is the current holder of the Harlot Division Championship


Debut and chase for single goldEdit

Daphne would make her debut vs Lara Croft in a steel cage match on November 4th 2013. Daphne would win the match. The win would give Daphne a shot at the Harlot Division Championship in the six pack chanllenge at Big Bang. Despite bing in the match she would be unable to get rid of anyone and would be pinned by Cammy

Ice Cream Social and dealEdit

On January 28th 2013 Harlot Champion Bulma would be attacked by a hooded women. A tournment held called the Ice Cream Social was held between 16 Harlots of the division. Daphne would take on Emma Frost in round one and would beat her. Daphne would then beat Cammy in the second round for revenge for what happened back at Big Bang. In the semi finasl Daphne would beat Taylor Swift. In the other semi final match Silk Spectre beat a weakened Princess Fiona by another hooded women. It would then be revealed that Taylor made a deal with Daphne and Hermione Granger . Daphne was revealed to be the one to beat down Bulma so the whole Ice cream social would happen. Taylor would give the DD Championships to the pari in exchange for Daphne's spot in the finals at Absolute Zero.

Bulma's Return and Daphne's arrest.Edit

Bulma would return before the event warning both. On April 17th Bulma would  warn the rest of the division and would target Daphne. Daphne would come out to warn Bulma not to take her lightly. Bulma would then have M4G-Nation security arrest her and take her away.

Freedom, Girl on Girl, and lost of titlesEdit

Later Daphne would be let out on bail. Taylor, Hermione and Packard would be there to take her back and in this exchanged it would be revealed that Hermione and Daphne were lesbains and they were dating each other. Packard would make a macth vs the returning Hit Sqaud for the DD Champions on May 21st 2013. The DD Champions would have no problems and would easliy pin the would be team of Hit Girl and Juliet Starling. They would defend the titles vs the team of Misty and Dawn or JiggyPuffs. Daphne would be unable to stop Dawn from pinning Hermione and losing the titles. Daphne would get a shot at the harlots Money in the Bank by beating Alice in a match But was unable to win the match

The Gang Bang would have there first full team match going vs Harlot Division Champion Daenerys Targaryen, Morgan, and Wonder Woman. They would win the match with Daphne pinning Wonder Woman. Daphne would then appear at Singularity to prevent Poison Ivy from cashing in her Money in the Bank briefcase on Daenerys after she defeated Taylor Swift. On the State of the M4G-Nation of August 12th Daphne would talk with Harlot GM Packard who would make a match for the Money in the Bank Briefcase but Yoko Littner would enter the match making it a triple threat match. Daphne need up being the one to climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase on August 21st.

Harlot Divison ChampionEdit

Daphne would cash in on new Harlot Division Champion Bulma after winning in a 6 Harlot over the top rople battle royal at Big Bang 2 (2013) and win the title in 2-3 minutes. On the State of the M4G-Nation of October 2nd she would be seen talking with lover Hermione plotting out punishment for former champion Daenerys for throwing out leader of the Gang Bang Taylor Swift.


  • Daphne is the first debut of harlots and was one half of the WWE 13 season debut for the harlots
  • Daphne and Hermione is the first known romantic couple in M4G-Nation. 
  • Freddy Jones is supsected to be the same Fred Jones from Scooby Doo. It is unkown if this is true or not. Based on the Reddit by Shin_Woo, Fred does care and it may be that he does not know about Hermione and Daphne.
  • Daphne is 6-1 in singles matches