The D-League (also known as TMNxT) is a weekly episodic series conducted by the M4G-Nation, which launched on Friday, July 19, 2012. It involves several fictional wrestlers not yet signed to the M4G-Nation's roster to contest in a minor league storyline separate from M4G-Nation canon. The D-League is aired every Friday at 8:00 PM EST. This is a spinoff of WWE's NXT rookie promotion.

Participating wrestlers are drafted to five teams - one team for each commentator, (M4Gnitude, Pat James Regan, Packard, and Trevor) while the final team was reserved for the fans. Fans were able to vote for the members of their team through a poll on the M4G-Nation's Facebook page.


Season 1Edit

Prior to the launch of the D-League, the M4G-Nation held several polls to allow fans to determine the members for their team. On July 8, 2013, the announcing team uploaded a 20 minute video showcasing their own draft picks in real time to the viewers, with each draft pick to join the group led by commentator who chose them. Trevor was selected to pick first, while Packard chose second. M4Gnitude and Pat James Regan were the third and fourth commentators to select their draft picks, respectively.

The series initiated their first episode on July 19. For that week and it's two subsequent episodes, several six man battle royales and the D-League's first Royal Rumble would be held to determine six number one contenders for the TMNXT Championship. On August 2, 2013 - episode three, James Bond became the D-League's first ever Royal Rumble winner. By the fourth episode, The Riddler defeated five other wrestlers to become the inaugural champion.

On the 5th episode of TMNXT, a five team Tag Team Gauntlet event was initiated to determine the inaugural TMNXT Tag Team Champions. The episode saw The McNuggets (Ronald McDonald and Kick-Ass) eliminate Jungle Boogie (The Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George) to be the last team remaining and thus the new title holders.

From the eighth episode onwards, the D-League introduced undrafted free agents to the company. These wrestlers are newcomers who have yet to be recruited into anyone's stable. Mini Chris Jericho, M. Bison, Leonardo, El Generico, and Blake Griffin were all welcomed to the minor league promotion on episode eight. Hellboy, The Shredder, and Reptile were all signed to the D-League on episode nine, which also marked the returns of Pikachu and Blade.

This led to a six man elimination chamber match for the right to compete for the TMNXT title which was won by The Punisher. Before this, The Riddler actually lost the belt to fellow Iceberg member Piccolo in a ladder match. All three men would come together in an Extreme Rules match for the TMNXT Championship, which was won by The Punisher. Piccolo would later win the title back.

A 32 man tournament between all the teams and undrafted agents took place to determine the number one contender for the TMNXT Championship. The tournament saw many big upsets including Gohan defeating the Burger King in the first round. It came down to Dragon Dragon and M. Bison and was eventually won by Dragon Dragon. However, since Dragon Dragon was not on the WWE 2K14 servers he was unable to get a title match.

Season 2Edit

As the M4G-Nation entered WWE 2K14, the TMNXT teams were redrafted as a second season would begin. This season would see six teams featured as Shadow would get his own. The teams were drafted in March in time for the first episode of the second season. This draft saw the likes of Gohan, Piccolo and Johnny Bravo swap teams and a number of new faces get signed to the league. The only real-life wrestler to get signed to the league was Scott Steiner.

The first episode was uploaded on April 5th 2014 with six man eliminations matches with the winners advancing to a six man ladder match for a TMNX Championship match. The winners of the matches were Crash Bandicoot, Ray Lewis, Rob Gronkowski, Yoda, Bowser and Mr Rodgers. The winner of the number one contendership match was Yoda, but he was unable to win the title from Piccolo.

What would follow is the second TMNXT Royal Rumble with the winner getting a TMNXT Title shot against Piccolo. On the way to the rumble, the "Johnnywood Blondes" Scott Steiner and Johnny Bravo won the TMNXT Tag Team Titles finally ending the run of the BK Value Meal. They were able to successfully defend the belts in a rematch with the team as well as knock off "Jungle Boogie" The Man In The Yellow Hat and Curious George.

This season saw the introduction of the TMNXT Atom-Weight Championship. Man In The Yellow Hat won a battle royal to become the first champion and secure more gold for Pat James Reagan's team (The Orange Iguanas), who had been highly successful this season. Having drafted the TMNXT Champion Piccolo off the get go, they already had gold in the team. However, they faced stiff competition when Tony The Tiger ended up winning the Royal Rumble to earn a shot at the TMNXT Title. Tony wound up winning the title from Piccolo, making this the second time the Trevolution team had won the TMNXT Title. However, "Orange Iguanas" member Blade had earned himself a TMNXT Title shot as well. In episiode 31, a triple threat match was put together between Tony The Tiger, Blade and Piccolo (who had a rematch clause) for the TMNXT Championship. In the end, Blade finally won the TMNXT Championship to return the championship to Pat's team.

After episode 31, a Purge occured in the M4G-Nation with a number of D-League wrestlers being promoted to the main roster to M4G-Nation Blue and Green. The picks that were made are down below:

M4G-Nation Blue

M4G-Nation Green

  • Jack Skellington
  • Deathstroke*
  • Deathstroke had already been fired by the Icebergs before the Purge happened. However, M4G-Nitude already announced prior the purge that Deathstroke would join M4G-Nation Green.

Coming soon to TMNXT will also be a harlots division which Trevor randomly announced following Emma being released from her contract by WWE. Each team (including Guy On The Right) will have their own harlot representative. The only harlot to be announced so far is Ronda Rousey for the Icebergs.

List Of ChampionsEdit

Championship Current Champion (s) Date Won Previous Champion (s)
TMNXT Championship Blade July 12th, 2014 Tony The Tiger
TMNXT Tag Team Championship Scott Steiner and Johnny Bravo May 6th, 2014 Burger King and Woody
TMNXT Atom-Weight Championship Yoda July 12th, 2014 Man In The Yellow Hat
TMNXT Harlots Championship N/A - N/A

Draft PicksEdit

(Note that this chart does not display the correct draft order, more information is found above)

Team Round #1 Round #2 Round #3 Round #4 Round #5 Round #6
The IceBergs (Viewing audience) The Riddler Mr. Popo The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Piccolo The Terminator James Bond
The Fort Wayne Mad Ants (M4Gnitude) Iron Patriot Green Goblin Godzilla Charmander Johnny Bravo Joey Ryan
The Orange Iguanas (Pat James Regan) Curious George Juggernaut The Man in the Yellow Hat Waldo Dexter Sonic The Hedgehog
The Little Cruise that Could (Packard) Burger King Popeye Mario Mr. Freeze Dragon Dragon Woody
Trevolution (Trevor) Thor Ronald McDonald Nightcrawler Punisher Nappa


Current D LeagueEdit

Team #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Shadow's Team (Led by Shadow) Lord Zed Krang Doctor Doom Wario Zod

Tyrion Lannister

The Orange Iguanas (Led by Pat James Regan) CM Punk Curious George The Man in the Yellow Hat Donkey Kong Blade (TMNXT Champion) Kimbo Slice
The Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Led by M4Gnitude) Dennis Rodman Frozone Ophidian Mr Rodgers Johnny Football Yoda (TMNXT Atom-Weight Champion)
The Little Cruise That Could (Led by Packard) Dragon Dragon Woody Mini Triple H Winnie The Pooh Luigi Shredder
The Icebergs (Led by Tom Robinson) Bowser Johnny Bravo (TMNXT Tag Team Champion) Duke Nukem Walter White Crash Bandicoot Scott Steiner (TMNXT Tag Team Champion)
Trevolution (Led by Trevor) Quan Chi Godzilla Brodus Clay Rob Gronkowski Tony The Tiger Black Ranger
Guy On The Right's Team (Led By Guy On The Right) Mario - - -
  • Trevor also serves as the league's commissioner. 
  • PJR announced his draft picks through text messages.
  • Trevor's team name is a reference to real life professional wrestling stable Evolution. He jokingly uses the catchphrase 'Trevolution is a mystery', based off the opening lyric of Evolution's own entrance theme.
  • Guy On The Right Only Has One Pick and a Harlot.

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