Curious George
Origin Cecily G. And the Nine Monkeys
Debut: July 26, 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Unknown

George is the main character of the Curious George books. He is a member of The Orange Iguanas and is an active member of the D-League.

Curious George is owned by fellow team member, The Man in the Yellow Hat.



Curious George was Pat James Regan/Black Wing's first pick for The Orange Iguanas in the D-League. George debuted by losing to Waldo, Joey Ryan, The Terminator, Ronald McDonald, and Burger King in a 6-man battle royal. Curious George entered the TMNXT Royal Rumble but was elimianted by fellow team mate Sonic. He was also part of the TMNXT Tag Team title gauntlet, but him and the Man In The Yellow Hat weren't able to win the titles. Curious George was later fired from TMNXT after apparently "attacking officials backstage".

Possible Return In WWE 2K14Edit

Curious George returned in a WWE 2K14 TMNXT preview match in a fatal four way elimination match against Tony The Tiger, Rob Gronkowski and Donatello. He was able to win the match by eliminating Tony The Tiger last. Trevor hinted at Curious George being redrafted by Pat James Regan when the TMNXT Redraft takes place. 

Theme SongEdit

Far East Movement (FEM) and Lil Jon - Go Ape (Go Ape Shit) HD-003:32

Far East Movement (FEM) and Lil Jon - Go Ape (Go Ape Shit) HD-0


  • Curious George looks exactly like Bubbles/???? when in the M4G-Nation.
  • George and Captain Planet both use Kofi Kingston's entrance.

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