Crash Bandicoot
Origin Crash Bandicoot Series
Debut: April 5th 2014
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Gutwrench Lift Facebuster
Crash Bandicoot is the protagoinst of the Crash Bandicoot series and currently a member of the TMNXT roster as a member of the Icebergs.


Crash Bandicoot was created by Dr Neo Cortex and Dr N. Brio and designed to be the ultimate weapon for their plans of world domination. They put Crash under the Cortex Vortex, which was designed to turn him evil. However, the doctors realized Crash was somehow immune to the machine and Crash broke out of captivity. While running away, Crash stumbles upon the ancient mask Aku Aku, who aids Crash in his quests to bring the forces of evil to justice time and time again. While Crash has a very laid-back approach to life, he is a very dangerous foe to be up against.


Crash Bandicoot was drafted to the Icebergs in the TMNXT Draft as Tom Robinson's 5th pick in the draft. Crash made his debut in the first episode of TMNXT Season 1 on April 5th 2014 as part of the first six man elimination match. Crash was very impressive in this match, eliminating three men in the match. He eliminated RG3 last to win the match and move on to the Number One Contendership Ladder Match.

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