Origin DC Comics
Debut: October 31, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Unknown

Clayface is one of Batman's many villains and was one of the twenty competitors in the Halloween Royal Rumble.


Clayface is a legacy name used by several super-villains who fight Batman, each of them with powers that involve a malleable clay-like body structure. He is a patient at Arkham Asylum. They primarily use shape-shifting to commit crimes and terrorize Gotham City. The name has been associated with the Injustice League, Anti-Justice League and Secret Society of Super-Villains. Clayface was created by Bob Kane, first appearing in Detective Comics #40. (1940)


Clayface was the 5th wrestler to enter the Halloween Royal Rumble of 2012. He achieved no eliminations before being quickly eliminated by The Mummy.

Clayface will return to the M4G-Nation as part of the Zack Ryder Tournament, where the winner will return to the M4G-Nation roster for the remainder of the WWE 2K14 season of M4G-Nation. He will face The Mask in the first round.

Theme SongEdit

Knightsong 5 - The Chilling Melodies of Batman (Clayface)05:48

Knightsong 5 - The Chilling Melodies of Batman (Clayface)


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