Origin Street Fighter
Debut: February 23rd 2013
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Lightning Kicks (Multiple Fast Kicks repeatedly)
Chun-Li is a police officer obssessed with going after Shadowloo dictator M. Bison and the strongest woman in the world in the Street Fighter universe and is currently a member of the M4G-Nation roster.

Chun-Li has had little success in the M4G-Nation but was able to defeat Samus in her debut match, building a feling of mutual trust which led to them forming the "Metroid" Fighters team.


Chun-Li debuted in the Harlots Tournament to crown a new Harlots Champion on February 23rd. In the first round, she gained a huge upset victory over Zero Suit Samus, which created a branch of mutual respect between the two women. However, lighting would not strike twice in the second round as she was defeated by Princess Fiona. She next appeared on April 16th 2013, appearing in a fatal four way match alongside Samus, Poison Ivy and Princess Peach. She was unable to pick up the win and was unable to do so with new partner Samus in a tag team match against the Jigglypuffs on May 15th. Chun-Li's downward spiral continued when she lost to Yoko Littner on June 20th in a Money in the Bank qualifier.

Theme SongEdit

Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Chun-Li03:38

Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Chun-Li


  • Chun-Li's record in the M4G-Nation - 1-5

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