Origin Dragon Ball Z
Debut: August 18, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Ox-Bomb (Fisherman driver)
Chi-Chi is a character from the Dragon Ball Z series, who was employed in the M4G-Nation as a professional wrestler in the Harlot's Division. She is the wife of Goku, who similarily spent time with the company.

Despite Goku's success in the M4G-Nation, the same could not be stated for Chi-Chi, having appeared in a mere two matches. Although one of which was contested for the Harlot Division Championship in a multi-wrestler format, therefore making her a number one contender for the female based title.


The first of Chi-Chi's two fights began on August 18, 2012 in a singles match against Hit-Girl. The match itself was the last of several Harlot's Division matches with each winner advancing to a Championship Scramble match held at Solar Eclipse. Pinning her opponent on her debut, Chi-Chi thus moved on to contest against Poison Ivy, Storm, Black Widow, and Taylor Swift for the coveted Harlot Division Championship. She tried her luck at the championship scramble match, but ultimately ended up being the third entrant out of five in the brawl. The title was eventually won by Taylor Swift, while Chi-Chi herself scored zero pins in the fray. This proved to be the final appearance for the Ox-King's daughter, who eventually parted ways with the company at an undisclosed date.


  • Her ring attire is a replica of her costume worn as a child which consisted of a blue bikini, pink gloves and boots, a green cape, and a pink helmet. Though she appears in the M4G-Nation wearing this clothing as a full grown adult.

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