The Championship Scramble is a match type created by the WWE and utillized by the M4G-Nation for championship matches.

The Championship Scramble has only ever been used three times in the M4G-Nation and is exclusive to championship matches. The match was put in place to crown the first ever Harlots Champion and the Inter-Universal Championship was defended in the scramble in the main event of the Big Bang. The M4G-Nation has always used a 20 minute time limit for the scramble matches.


There are 5 participants involved. In the start of the match, the entrants that drew numbers 1 and 2 will start in the ring. Then every 5 minutes a superstar will come out based on the number that they drew. This will continue until all 5 entrants have entered the match and the match will continue until the 20 minute time limit expires (it's usually 20 minutes, but it is possible to have shorter-timed matches). If a superstar gets a pinfall during the match, they become the intern champion. Whoever gets the last fall before the time limit expires will become the official champion. There are no counts and no disqualifications.


The first championship scramble match took place at the Solar Eclipse Pay-Per-View. It had a 20 minute time limit The first ever Harlots champion was to be crowned with the woman gaining the last fall becoming the first harlots champion. The entrants were Chi-Chi, Storm, Poison Ivy, Taylor Swift and Black Widow. The only decision came 17 minutes 26 seconds into the match with the last entrant Taylor Swift pinning Black Widow to win the match and become the first ever Harlots Champion.

Draw Entrant Falls
1 Poison Ivy -
2 Storm -
3 Chi-Chi -
4 Black Widow -
5 Taylor Swift Pinfall On Black Widow at 17:26

The 2nd Championship Scramble took place at the Big Bang Pay-per-view. It had a 20 minute time limit. This would be the main event match for the Inter-Universal Championship and would see defending champion Captain America defending against former Inter-Universal Champions Buu, Yusuke Urameshi and Darth Vader as well as the 3rd Royal Rumble winner Packard. The only decision in the match came 14 minutes 47 seconds into the match, when Darth Vader pinned Packard off a German Suplex. Since neither Captain America or anyone else was able to gain a fall, Darth Vader became the new and official Inter-Universal Champion and became the champion for the 2nd time in his career.

Draw Entrant Falls
1 Packard -
2 Darth Vader Pinfall On Packard at 14:47
3 Buu -
4 Yusuke Urameshi -
5 Captain America (c) -

The third ever Championship Scramble took place on June 18th 2013. It had a 20 minute time limt. This time, the Hardcore Championship was up for grabs as defending champion Poseidon was defending against The Flash, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Ryu and King. King's entrance was accidently skipped in his entrance. The match had a total of 5 falls, with The Flash picking up the first fall 7 minutes 19 seconds in. The Flash became the first person to pick up two falls in the scramble, pinning King twice in the match. But in the end, King walked out the champion after getting the last pin at 16 minutes 8 seconds.

Draw Entrant Falls (First) Falls (Second)
1 Posedion (c) Pinfall On Dale Jr at 12:01
2 King Pinfall On Flash at 16:08
3 The Flash Pinfall On King at 7:19 Pinfall On King at 13:46
4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Pinfall On Posedion at 12:26
5 Ryu

List Of Championship Scramble MatchesEdit

No. Match Event Date Time Winner
1 Taylor Swift vs Storm vs Chi-Chi vs Poison Ivy vs Black Widow in a 20 Minute Championship Scramble match Solar Eclipse August 19th 2012 20:00 Taylor Swift
2 Captain America (c) vs Darth Vader vs Yusuke Urameshi vs Buu vs Packard in a 20 Minute Championship Scramble match Big Bang December 30th 2012 20:00 Darth Vader
3 Posedion (c) vs The Flash vs Ryu vs King vs Dale Earnhardt Jr M4G-Nation June 18th 2013 20:00 King

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