History Edit

Captain Ultra would make his debut in the M4G-Nation Blue Royal Rumble on December 4th, 2014 where the winner will face Bane for the M4G-Nation Blue Championship. Captain Ultra would come out at the #34 spot and would eliminate five people from the rumble and win last eliminating Wolverine. Captain Ultra would face Captain Marvel in their singles debut. Captain Ultra would pick up the win after delivering a yoshitonic to Captain Marvel. He would go onto face Bane in a steel cage match at Space Jam 2. Captain Ultra would come close to escaping a number of times but it would be Bane that would retain the championship. Captain Ultra had other opportunities to capture gold but would fail time and again because of a lack of a finishing move. All would change at the 50th episode of TMN Blue where he faced Thor, Buu, and The Joker in a fatal-four-way elimination match for the Galactic Championship. The Joker would be eliminated first, followed by Buu, leaving only Captain Ultra and Thor in the ring. Even though he suffered a beating from Thor, Captain Ultra would finally win gold after delivering a swanton bomb onto Thor. Thor would invoke his rematch clause against Captain Ultra at Singularity 3: Triality in a TLC match. The two would put on a good showing, Thor with his powerful strikes and Captain Ultra with his acrobatics. Captain Ultra would eventually climb up the ladder and retrieve the Galactic Championship, winning the match.

Accomplishments Edit

  • 2nd Blue Royal Rumble Winner
  • He is the first person to win a Royal Rumble in his debut.
  • Galactic Championship (1 Time, Current)

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