Majin Buu
Buu Ballz
Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: June 7th 2012
Career: active
Finishing Move: Antenna Beam (Firemans carry cutter)

Super Buu Ball(450 splash from the top rope)

Majin Buu is a supervillan from the Dragon ball Z franchise and is an active member of the M4G-Nation Blue roster.

Buu is a one time Tag Team Champion along side Bojack, a one time Inter-Universal Championship, a winner of the Money in the Bank, and the leader of the Buu Supremacy. He is also the current Galactic Champion and the second ever Triple Crown Champion. Buu is the first real villain in M4G-Nation and led the first ever stable in M4G-Nation. Buu has been said to be one of the biggest and most powerful men on the roster. Not only is he big but also fast and can fly around the men. Buu has been one of the best in M4G-Nation history.


Buu was created by the wizard Bibidi for one purpose only - to be a being of total destruction. However, due to his wild and unpredictable behaviour this made Buu impossible for anyone to control. Even his creator Bibidi had little chance to control him. 5 million years before the events of Dragonball Z, Buu attacked the supreme kais and absorbed a number of kais. With every kai he absorbed, his appearance changed and he became easier to control. Eventually, Buu was transformed into a child-like fat form, which Bibidi was able to seal inside a sealed ball. 5 million years later, the ball had hatched and Buu was resurected by the son of Bibidi, Babidi.


Debut, Suprermacy, and Feud with YusukeEdit

Buu would make his first appearances blindsiding Solid Snake and Sonic then folllowed by the assulting Inter-Universal Champion Yusuke Urameshi after the main event of Galactic Throwdown  . Buu would steal the championship belt away from Yusuke. The day after Bojack would defend buu's actions and made a deal with Yusuke that if Kuwabara could beat him he would give answers. Kuwabara would lose the match and Bojack would join Buu. Buu would then attack thor after his match with Marcus Fenix and Marcus would join the Supermacy. Buu would start the Buu Supremacy with Bojack, Marcus Fenix, and him as the founding members. Buu would make an open challenge which was answered by Link. In his first ever match Buu would destroy and kill Link. Buu would then get himself more members by helping Team Old School retain their titles and would get both members to join his Supremacy which happened on July 11th 2012. On the the same day Buu would be joined by Yusuke who claimed he would not stand by. On August 7th Buu would welcome Jesus to the buu Supermacy and would wish him luck in the Atom-Weight tournament. Yusuke would come out with a bet for Buu. If Jesus won the Atom-Weight Championship then Buu could keep the Inter-Universal but if Trunks won the the championship Yusuke and Buu would fight fo the title at Solar Eclipse, then if Buu won he would be the undisputed champion but if Yusuke won Buu would retire. Buu accpeted confident in Jesus's skill but Trunks would win the match forcing Buu to fight Yusuke. Buu would beat Johnny Bravo in a tune up match. They would meet on August 15th before there fight and after Buu left Bojack would attack Yusuke. They would battle at Solar Eclipse and a great battle but Buu would win becoming the Undisputed Inter-Universal Champion.

Later Title ReignEdit

The day after Solar Eclipse Buu would defend the title vs. Raphael in an impromptu match. Buu would use a chair to DQ himself. Buu would take two months off but return vs Sub-Zero in a steel cage match on September 25th. Buu would win the match in three and a half minutes. Buu would defend his title at M4Gamania vs. second ever Royal Rumble winner Darth Vader. Buu would be beaten and would lose his first title after holding it offically from August 9th 2012 to October 10th 2012.

Mr. Money in the bankEdit

Buu would return after two months of not showing his face to fight in the second ever Money in the Bank match. He would take on Sub-Zero, Ironman, YusukeBane, and Ryu. Buu would climb the ladder and win the match to become Mr. Money in the bank. Buu would then take part on the Royal Rumble of december 22nd 2012. Buu would come out number 22, take out Black Dynamite before being kicked out by The Hulk. Buu however would use his money in the bank on december 28th to get in on the Big Bang main event. It would be a championship scramble match vs Packard, Yusuke, Darth Vader, and Captain America. Buu would come out third but was unable to pick up a pinfall or submission and would lose the match to Darth Vader. 

Galactic Championship HuntEdit

Buu would then take part in a Galactic Championship qualifier triple threat match vs Ryu and Rorschach on Januaruy 15th 2013. Buu would pin Ryu to win the match and move on to the final triple threat vs Master Chief and Sephiroth. Buu would win that match and earn the right to face Jason Voorhees at Supernova. Buu would battle Jason in a ladder match but would be unable to win the match as Jason would climb to the top of the ladder.

Supremacy ReturnsEdit

On February 6th it would be revealed that Jack-6 the new Inter-Unverisal Champion has joined the Supremacy. Buu would proclaim they are no longer after one title but the whole company and they would take out anyone who stood in their way. Buu would help Jack-6 by beating down Goku twice. For Buu he would sit back and allow Jack-6 to handle the Goku problem. On March 15th Buu would make his return to the ring in a six man tag match teaming with Bojack and Marcus Fenix vs. the Neo-Underworld. Marcus would get counted out losing the match for his team. Buu would then decide to try and take down the problem by facing longtime canon rival Goku in a last standing match for the number one contendership match for Jack-6's title. Goku would win the match and become the number one contender but would be attacked by Marcus Fenix afterwards with a steel pipe. 

Tag Team chaseEdit

Buu would start teaming with Bojack in a pursuit of the Tag Team Championships on April 22nd 2013. They would battle Kings of the Jungle in a number one contendership match for the titles. Wolverine would pin Buu to win the match. On May 3rd Buu and Bojack would attack the champions Mortal Kombat after a match with chairs. Three days later they would cut a promo with Buu stating they will own the tag team titles and would destroy every single member of the division. On May 9th they would have a tag team match with Sephiroth and Vegeta with the Supremacy winning. They would assult them afterwards with chairs. They would have a number one contendership match vs. Kings of the Jungle on May 18th. They would defeat the team and become the number one contenders for the tag team titles. The Supermacy would battle Mortal Kombat at Sonic Boom. They would fight in the longest match at the event. Even with Ironman's help Mortal Kombat was no match and Buu would use the small package to pin Scorpion . The new champions would chokeslam Mortal Kombat. Buu and Bojack would later appear later in the event giving congratulations to the Supermacy's newest member Zangief.

Reign as Tag Team ChampionsEdit

Buu would be targeted by the returning Link on the third State of the M4G-Nation. In the fourth State of the M4G-Nation Captain Falcon would thank fans for support when Buu comes out. He would give an offer for Falcon to join the Supremacy and would take no for an answer. Captain Falcon would attack Zangief after his debut match effectively answering Buu with no. On June 10th during a state of the M4G-nation Buu would cut a promo stating Bane would be dealt with. Link would come out goating Buu stating they would have to fight each other. Link would make a challenge between him and a partner vs Buu and Bojack for Tag Team Titles. Buu would accept promising he was going to kill Link again. Buu and Bojack would battle Link and Captain Falcon. Bojack would be pinned by Link after a long fight becoming the tag team champions. Buu would then on the State of the M4g-Nation of June 18th would chanllenge Super Smash Bros to a Tag Team gauntlet match with six other teams at Galactic Throwdown II (2013) which Link accepted. But would lose the match with Bojack to Spartan Fury.

Recruiting, Fired Until 2014Edit

Buu would begin to be in a supporting role to the Buu Supermacy. He and Zangief would attack Master Chief before his match teaming The Hulk vs Captain pollution and Jesus. The Supermacy would win making Captain Pollution vs Master Chief for the Galactic Championship. Buu would then recruit Spiderman to the Buu Supermacy and would help him beat Dante in the first round of the Atom Weight Tournament. However he would fail to help Spiderman to beat Skeeter. Buu would appear July 29th to warn Captain Pollution about his actions and what could happen. After Pollution set up a match between the GoKrew and Buu Supremacy where the losing team would leave until 2014, Buu kicked him out of the group. Buu was able to negotiate the terms of the match but his team ended up losing at Solar Eclipse 2. As a result, Buu was banned from the M4G-Nation until 2014.


After Captain Pollution lost the Galactic Championship to Vegeta and lost the best of seven series as well, he angrily called out anyone from the back in TMN Blue Episode 4. Buu answered the challenge and returned after a near 6 month absence. Buu wanted revenge on Pollution for being responsible for having the "Losers Leave Until 2014" match sanctioned. Buu showed no signs of ring rust and beat Pollution. This seems to be signs of a face turn following the positive reaction from the commentators. Also, Buu's exclusion from the Galactic Title battle royal may be due to Buu being involved in the Elimination Chamber qualifiers next week. Buu would then face Captain Pollution in a match at Northern Lights 2: Electric Lights where if Captain Pollution lost, he would be fired. Buu would fail to secure the win after botching a roll-up. Buu then issued a challenge against Captain Pollution in a six man tag match where the losing team can't team up again. Buu would make a new team from scratch with Iron Man and Spawn and they would face-off against Mortal Kombat's Scorpion , Reptile, and D-League filler Smoke in a six-man eliminator. Buu would eliminate Reptile, but not long after, Buu would be eliminated Smoke after a kick to the back of the head. Buu's team would lose after Spawn was pinned by Scorpion. At the Vernal Eqinox 2 ppv Spawn and Ironman would be taken out before Jack-6 and Jesus returned and the Buu Supermacy was able to defeat La Pollution. Afterwards Buu would lose to the Joker of the former La Pollution but would defeat Joker lastly at the 40 men Blue rumble. With the victory he faced Vegeta at Galactic Throwdown III where he would win to become the current Galactic Champion and the second ever M4G-Nation Triple Crown Champion.


  • Buu appears in his Super Buu form in which evil Buu absorbs good Buu
  • Buu is the first villain and started the first stable in M4G-Nation.
  • Buu is the only wrestler from the Dragonball Z franchise to ever win the Inter-Universal Championship.
  • Buu also has the "Honor" of being the first person to fail to win the Inter-Universal Championship after cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase.
  • He is the second ever Triple Crown Champion behind former stablemate Ash Ketchum


First entrance theme and often used as the entrance music of the Buu Supremacy.

DBZ- Super Buu's Theme- Extended15:21

DBZ- Super Buu's Theme- Extended

Second and current Theme song

"Unsettling Differences" by Blue Smock Nancy (Kevin Steen 5th Theme Song) Download Link ᴴᴰ02:31

"Unsettling Differences" by Blue Smock Nancy (Kevin Steen 5th Theme Song) Download Link ᴴᴰ


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