Buffy Summers
Origin Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Debut: September 4, 2012
Career: Released
Finishing Move: Choke Standing Moonsault Side Slam
Buffy Summers is a supernatural hunter and the protagonist of the media franchise Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She appeared in an episode as a signed professional wrestler for a day in the M4G-Nation.

She competed only once in the midst of the M4G-Nation's run with the WWE '12 video game, and quickly became one of the several female wrestlers of that video game to never reappear in WWE '13. 


September 4 , 2012 marked Buffy's debut in the M4G-Nation where she fought Sailor Moon and Bulma in a triple threat match. From there, Summers displayed an all-around offense in the match, utilizing multiple holds, submissions, aerial attacks, and grounded maneuvers- including her Choke Moonsault Side Slam (official name unreleased), which incorporates several of her wrestling skills into a single move. By match's end, however, she fell victim to a bulldog by Sailor Moon, and was left prostrate in pain as Sailor Moon proceeded to pin the shoulders of an already incapacitated Bulma for the victory. This will prove to be Buffy Summers' final match in the M4G-Nation.


  • Of the three competitors in Summers' match, only Bulma remains on the roster to this day. Outlasting both her and Sailor Moon past the transition to WWE '13.

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