Origin Dragon Ball
Debut: April 11, 2012
Career: Released as of April 11, 2012
Finishing Move: Ape Shit (Samoan drop followed by a spin-out fireman's carry cutter)

Bubbles is King Kai's pet monkey and former wrestler of the M4G-Nation.


Bubbles (バブルス) is the monkey pet and friend of the North Kai (better known as "King Kai"). He serves a special purpose during King Kai's training lessons, particularly one of two endurance tests, where trainees are instructed to chase after Bubbles in an effort to catch him. Though the task may seem simple at first, there is a catch: the gravity on King Kai's planet is ten times that of Earth, and Bubbles is perfectly used to it.


Bubbles debuted in a match that was scheduled to have Darth Vader, but Vader could not make it to the match. Instead, he ended up taking his place against Bob Saget in a brutal extreme rules match. The match ended with Saget pinning Bubbles.

Theme SongEdit

Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)03:07

Star Wars- The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)


  • Bubbles looks exactly Curious George when in the M4G-Nation.
  • Bubbles is a gorilla in the M4G-Nation and a monkey in Dragon Ball.

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