Origin Super Mario Bros.
Debut: October 31, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Shell shocked

Bowser is the main antagonist of the Mario game series and was one of the twenty competitors in the Halloween Royal Rumble. He is currently a member of the TMNXT Roster as a member of the Icebergs team.


Bowser was the 18th wrestler to enter the Halloween Royal Rumble of 2012. He managed to eliminate The Joker before being the last wrestler eliminated by Jason Voorhees.

Bowser was the first draft for TMNXT Team The Icebergs in the TMNXT Draft. Bowser was selected heavily due to the fan influence and their faith in the big guy paid off. Bowser was able to eliminate Nappa and the Winnie The Pooh as he won a six man elimination match to join fellow Iceberg Crash Bandicoot in a number one contendership match for the TMNXT Championship next week. He would then win a money in the bank ladder match to go on to the ppv and won at the ppv and became the new Indy champion

Theme SongEdit

Super Mario World Bowsers Theme Song01:41

Super Mario World Bowsers Theme Song


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