Origin Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound
Debut: April 14, 2012
Career: Inactive
Finishing Move: Unbound (Inverted electric chair transitioned to a double knee facebreaker.)
Bojack is the primary antagonist of the 1993 animated film Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, who is currently signed to the M4G-Nation as a professional wrestler.

One of the largest men of the roster, Bojack reigns as one of the most seasoned professional wrestlers active in the M4G-Nation. He is the winner of the first Elimination Chamber match, former 2 time Galactic Championship #1 contender, former Tag Team Champion alongside Buu, made an appearance in three Royal Rumbles, and served as the official enforcer of the heel stable  the Buu Supremacy for over a year. Over time, he has cemented himself as a fearsome and dangerous - but loyal individual to the company, and is recognized as one of the best heavyweight wrestlers in the business, despite not winning a singles title belt in his career as of yet.


Long ago, the being Bojack had a desire to conquer the universe. However, the ever-powerfuls Kais reliazed how dangerous he was and was able to seal him within King Kai's planet. That is where he remained for many years. However after the force of Cell's self-destruction on King Kai's planet, the seal was broken. When he escaped, he made his way to Earth and interuppted a martial arts tournament similar to the World Martial Arts Tournament. While there, he brought total destruction to the planet. Despite the attempts of the Z Fighters, Bojack was still standing tall. He was eventually defeated when Gohan transformed into the Super Saiyan 2 form and tore him apart.


Debut and Immediate Main Event PushEdit

Bojack made his debut on April 14, 2012, fighting in the inaugural Elimination Chamber match against Yoko KuramaDarth MaulCaptain AmericaBroly, and Pikachu. As the final man selected to enter the ring from the pod, he nevertheless established a catastrophic impact on his opposition, eliminating Darth Maul and Captain America via submission, and last removing Pikachu with his finishing maneuver to become a contender for the newly unveiled and then known ExtraSolar Championship. Following his debut, Bojack faced off against Master Chief, who defeated three other men in a ladder match in order to receive his contendership with Bojack. The two superstars squared off in a 20 minute Iron Man match, with Master Chief emerging as the winner. The professed 'Green Giant' bounced back from his failed title shot to effortlessly defeat Tim Tebow, and subsequently reignited his ExtraSolar title pursuit. By dominating in his match, Bojack was granted another chance at the championship in a six man ladder match also featuring Optimus PrimeRyuJack-6Captain Planet, and Marcus Fenix, all of which were able to succeed in previous battles to earn their respective title shot. Losing the match to future stable ally Jack-6, Bojack earned yet another opportunity at the title against the former, but came up short once more.

Feud with The HulkEdit

A rivalry was instigated on June 13, 2012 between Bojack and The Hulk, both vying for Jack-6's ExtraSolar Championship at the time. The first match igniting their animosity was of an extreme rules match which saw The Hulk exit the ring victorious against Bojack. Their feud intensified in the aftermath of the miniature tag team tournament, when Bojack recorded a promo requesting the ExtraSolar Champion Jack-6. Claiming that he has been 'robbed' of the title belt on two occasions, he demanded that Jack-6 make an appearance in the ring. Having his wish granted, Bojack was confronted by the champion, who responded that he has won the title justly, and is not one to merely hand his title over without need for a title match. By this time, The Hulk interjected, reminding the general manager and Bojack that he defeated the latter wrestler, and thus deserves a title shot more so than Bojack.

CEO and head commentator M4Gnitude intervenes on their argument, announcing that there would be no singles matches conducted for the title. Rather, a triple threat match was scheduled pitting Bojack, The Hulk, and Jack-6 against one another for the championship at Galactic Throwdown. In the culmination of their feud, neither The Hulk or Bojack was able to dethrone Jack-6.

Buu SupremacyEdit

In the aftermath of the M4G-Nation's inaugural Pay-Per-View, Bojack made an appearance during a promo regarding the larceny of Yusuke Urameshi's world title at the hands of Buu. Declaring that Yusuke must brave past him in order to confront Buu, Yusuke's ally Kuwabara then requested that he should fight Bojack on Yusuke's behalf. Forced to battle Kuwabara instead of the Inter-Universal Champion, the green superstar managed to successfully defeat Yusuke's friend, and thus impede Yusuke from competing to reclaim his championship. Bojack and Buu's alliance soon evolved into a complete stable with the addition of Marcus Fenix to its ranks. This resulted in the heel stable known as the Buu Supremacy. Afterwards, Bojack disappeared from the M4G-Nation until he return to manage Buu through his exhibition match against Johnny Bravo. Bojack was then able to participate in the second Royal Rumble match, but failed to achieve any eliminations.

At August 25, 2012, Bojack returned to wrestling, contesting against three other superstars in a Fatal 4 Way steel cage match. Losing the four man scuffle to King, the Dragon Ball Z villain then intervened in a promo conducted by Yusuke Urameshi. who firmly requested a title rematch between himself and the new Inter-Universal Champion Buu. Bojack informed Yusuke that Buu is absent, although the green giant himself is willing to 'dispose' of the former world champion. The two foes then began a match against each other with the stipulation that if Yusuke defeats Bojack, he would earn his rematch. Unfortunately for Bojack, Yusuke reigned triumphant over him. As the TMN Tag Team Tourney was underway, Bojack decided to forge an alliance with Marcus Fenix to represent the Buu Supremacy. The team successfully defeated their opposition with a concoction of pure power and teamwork to provide unwavering attrition on their opposition. They dominated over Night Stalkers in the first round and Trunks & Raphael following that match, before their own defeat in the semi-finals by the team composed of Sonic and Blue Ranger.

Afterwards, Bojack accompanied several other members of the Buu Supremacy to aid Ash Ketchum in acquiring the Atom-Weight Championship. Firstly, he joined in on the stable's initial assault on then champion Trunks during his singles match with Dante, then - along with other members of the faction, ensured Ash's victory in his battle against the champion in a preliminary #1 contenders match through constant, coordinated assaults unbeknownst to the referee. Bojack was never seen again for the remainder of WWE '12.

WWE '13 and Supremacy ReturnEdit

Bojack made his WWE '13 video game debut on December 24, 2012 against Myotismon in singles competition. Winning that match, he was considered eligible to compete in his second Elimination Chamber match at Big Bang for the Galactic Championship. Although, in stark contrast to his initial chamber match, Bojack was the first superstar to face elimination. Afterwards, Bojack sought after the Galactic title once again, involving himself in the second of three preliminary triple threat matches to announce a contender. His efforts were futile though, as it was former rival Master Chief who advanced on into the #1 contenders match instead of him or Wolverine. Bojack's next appearance occured months later in a 3 on 3 tag team match with the reformed Buu Supremacy against all three members of the Neo-Underworld. Failing to win the match due to disqualification, Bojack's faction was involved in another 3 on 3 tag team match at Absolute Zero against members of Team Goku in a winning effort.

Suffering a loss to the similar-in origin wrestler Goku with Buu as his manager, Bojack emerged in the #9 spot in the 10 man Royal Rumble. Bojack remained standing and was one part of the final four competitors, but would be the first man to be tossed over the top rope afterwards. Bojack treated this miniscule rendition of a rumble match as a warmup practice, and was prepared to participate in the fourth canon Royal Rumble match. However, he was largely unsuccessful, entering the ring at the rather early #5 spot and was the second man to shamefully egress the squared circle. He then took part in a tag team match against Captain America and Captain Planet, which experienced the latter of whom turn heel and effectively joined the supremacy, surrendering the match to Bojack and Jack-6 in the meantime.

Tag Team Gold PursuitEdit

Despite squandering his #1 contenders opportunity to Kings of the Jungle, Bojack - alongside Buu, cut a promo regarding their newfound motivation to dominate in the Tag Team Division. Proving their proclamations, they immediately defeated the team of Sephiroth and Vegeta and exacted revenge upon Kings of the Jungle and as such, earned a top contendership clause for the Tag Team Championship at Sonic Boom. The Dragon Ball Z duo then succeeded in attaining victory and the championship from Mortal Kombat. Bojack's tag team simply known as The Supremacy were beaten by Super Smash Bros after retaining the title for a brief 20 days.

Bojack then attempted to reclaim his tag team belt with Buu at Galactic Throwdown II (2013). Despite their previous championship reign in retrospect, The Supremacy were merely one of the three competitors to be soundly defeated by Spartan Fury at the PPV's tag team gauntlet match.

Face turnEdit

Throughout July and early August, Bojack did not partake in any events or appear in any promos, with the Atom Weight Tournament and Road to Gold series taking up a lot of time. On August 19 he appeared with Buu inside the ring while the Supremacy leader and Goku negotiated a match. But suddenly Bojack hit Buu and beat him down with Goku, leaving as the newest member of Team Goku and a face

Bojack has particpated in numerous matches but unfortunely he came up short bojack took some time off and he was set to return in 2k14 but hasnt been seen since he is still employed but is inactive at this moment on september 24 2014 bojack was mention in a comment by magintude and trever so this could mean he may make a return in 2k15 thats if someone can make him.

Entrance ThemeEdit

Dragon Ball Z Medley (Metal & Orchestra)07:33

Dragon Ball Z Medley (Metal & Orchestra)


  • Bojack was portrayed with a darker shade of green in WWE '12 as opposed to his displayed character in WWE '13.
  • He appears in the M4G-Nation in his full powered form.
  • The win/loss record currently held by Bojack is 10-17 (excluding Royal Rumble matches).
  • Bojack is tied with Captain America for the fourth longest active career in the M4G-Nation, behind Darth Maul, Yusuke Urameshi, and Vegeta.
  • The announcing booth often humorously refer to The Hulk as Bojack's step-brother, and Princess Fiona as his step-sister, often attributed to the similarities in their skin color.
  • By the end of his match with Buu in the tag team gauntlet match, co-commentator Packard began to show signs of disgust and contempt against him, despite the fact that Bojack is a long time member of the Buu Supremacy, a stable which Packard largely favors.


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