Origin The Tomb of Dracula #10
Debut: October 31, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: Chokebomb
Blade is a fictional superhero from the Marvel Comics Universe, who made a brief stint in the M4G-Nation as a professional wrestler.

During his temporary stay while signed to the M4G-Nation, he was unsuccessful in many of his appearances, never participating in a singles match. He has also forged an alliance with former M4G-Nation roster member Black Dynamite.


Blade made his debut in the M4G-Nation's special non canon Halloween Royal Rumble, gaining the unfortunate distinction of being the first Royal Rumble competitor to enter the ring and the first man to be eliminated in the process. Despite his lackluster performance at the Royal Rumble, Blade was surprisingly signed to the M4G-Nation, and debuted in the official series as the tag team partner of Black Dynamite. As a tag team, the duo experienced their first and only match against Captain Planet and Captain America, which resulted in a victory. Later in December, Blade had partaken in the third canon Royal Rumble match. In a similar vein to his past fate at the Halloween Royal Rumble, Blade was an early entrant, and procured no eliminations before being tossed over the top rope by Captain Planet.

The Marvel superhero's first non-tag team match was held on the January 23, 2012 episode of the M4G-Nation, participating in one of a series of triple threat qualification matches held to earn the right to challenge for the Galactic Championship. In this match also featuring Sephiroth and King, Blade was unable to secure victory. On the M4G-Nation's official Facebook page, it was revealed on March 18, 2013 that Blade - alongside his tag team partner Black Dynamite, and Sports Authority were released from their contracts.

D-League Edit

On September 21, 2013, Blade made his return as an undrafted free agent in the D-League. He participated in one of several Elimination Chamber matches in the weekly episodes. However, he was the fourth man to be eliminated via submission.

On October 26, 2013, he was in the TMNXT tournament and was seeded 24th. His opponent was Joey Ryan. He lost that match. He would appear every now and again in the D-League eventually winning the TMNXT Championship. He would appear in the most recent Halloween Royal Rumble but would lose like last time. He would though head to M4Gamania in the Hardcore gauntlet beating the champion at the time Raphael and go on a winning streak beating Spiderman, Scorpion, and new comer Shao Kahn before losing to Darth Maul.


  • Blade is the first wrestler to enter at the #1 spot and become the first competitor eliminated at a Royal Rumble.
  • He is one of four members of the Halloween Royal Rumble to be signed into the M4G-Nation. The other three are Cookie Monster, The Joker, and Jason Voorhees.
  • His win/loss record is 1-2 (excluding Royal Rumble matches)

Accomplishments Edit

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