Best of The Rest is a professional wrestling brand and episodic program. In this show the M4G Nation commentators go on to Community Downloads on WWE 2K17 and download random characters that have under 20 downloads. They then put them in a 6 Man Battle Royal to see who wins. A Best of The Rest Universe Mode has spawned from this with all of the characters from the Battle Royal episodes.

Episodes (BOTR) Edit

  1. The Samurai vs Sportacus 10 vs Super Saiyan Harambe (WINNER) vs Grumbles the Clown vs Spider-Man vs El Padre.
  2. Positivity Pony vs Krom vs Mike the Love Machine (WINNER) vs Prototype RD vs Star Platinum vs Monkey D Luffy.
  3. Harambailey vs Banana Sugarfoot vs Kraft Punk vs Zeus (WINNER) vs Cthulhu vs Winnie The Pooh.
  4. Sonic the Hedgehog vs The Bear vs Meat Man vs Gilberto vs Urog the Krusher vs Ol Redbeard (WINNER).
  5. Bowser vs Krusty vs Po vs Willy Peck vs Dick Burns (WINNER) vs Lord Bronie.
  6. Shrek vs Big Willy Johnson (WINNER) vs Big Pig Poo vs Big Papa Smurf vs Charizard vs Mr. Freeze.

Roster Edit

The Samurai

Positivity Pony



Monkey D Luffy





Lord Bronie

Star Platinum

Dick Burns

Super Saiyan Harambe

Big Pig Poo

Banana Sugarfoot

Meat Man


Ol Redbeard

Mr. Freeze

Grumbles the Clown

Sportacus 10



Big Willy Johnson


Winnie The Pooh

Big Papa Smurf

Urog the Krusher

Mike the Love Machine

Prototype RD

Spider Man

Sonic the Hedgehog

Willy Peck

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