Members: Batman

Big Daddy

Origins Batman (Batman)

Kick-Ass (Big Daddy)

Debut: September 8, 2013
Careers: Active
Finishing Moves: Batman - Bat-Driver (Cradle piledriver)

Big Daddy - Unknown

The Batmen are a tag team currently active in the M4G-Nation. It is composed of M4G-Nation veteran Batman and newcomer Big Daddy, who share a similar attire.

Despite being relatively new to the M4G-Nation's Tag Team Division, they are heavily favored throughout the commentaru booth.


Experienced M4G-Nation wrestler Batman forged an alliance with debuting wrestler Big Daddy to form the tandem known as Batmen. The duo fought their first match on September 8, 2013 by successfully defeating Seriously Too Cool by countout after Red Ranger put himself through the announce table.

Theme SongEdit

Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible04:29

Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible


  • Due to the similar designs on each of their suits, the announcing booth often mistake Batman as Big Daddy, and vice-versa. They eventually concluded that the only way to distinguish one from each other was by observing the character's face for a Goatee, which would indicate that the superhero is Big Daddy.

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