Bandit Keith
Origin Yu-Gi-Oh!
Debut: November 2, 2012
Career: Active
Finishing Move: American DDT (Two toe kicks followed by a snap DDT, with theatrics)
Bandit Keith is a minor antagonist from Yu-Gi-Oh! that is currently active in the M4G-Nation.

Bandit Keith had a poor start to his career, attempting to win the Hardcore Championship, but his failures lead to him being released. However, he made a surprise return to win the M4G-Nation Championship at Big Bang 2.



Bandit Keith's M4G-Nation debut was a tables match against Ryu, which he was defeated in. His next match was in the Hell In A Cell battle for the Hardcore Championship, where he was also unable to win. His first win was in a fatal four-way against Yusuke Urameshi, Skeletor, and Space Ghost.

Struggling career and releaseEdit

He would later fight Cookie Monster for the Hardcore title and fail to win it again. His next match would be asecond fatal four-way that included Trunks, The Hulk, and Master Chief, where the winner would fight Jason Voorhees at Northern Lights. However, he would fail to win once again. His final match would be a defeat against returning superstar Raphael. He was then quietly released after having no matches for several months.


Months later, on September 19 Bandit Keith would arrive to participate in a triple threat match to fight for the M4G-Nation title at Big Bang 2 (2013). Head commentator M4Gnitude stated that Bandit Keith was not employed, and showed up to the match uninvited. Bojack would be unable to break up the pin on Ezio, getting Bandit Keith into his first pay-per-view event. Bandit Keith would later go onto to win the M4gnation Championship. He would then cut a promo on the State of the M4G-Nation talking about his wi at Big Bang 2 only to be stopped by Captain Pollution who would proclaim that Keith was a nobody and that he should watch his back. 

Bandit Keith would lose the M4G-Nation Championship to Road To Gold Series winner Ryu.


Bandit Keith would enact his rematch at Space Jam against Ryu in a ladder match and would lose when he failed to get Ryu off of the ladder. He would then team with Captain America to form Team America and face-off against the team of Frieza and Space Ghost and would help Captain America pick up the win. The team would then face-off against Mortal Kombat for the #1 contender spot for the Tag Team Championships but would lose after Reptile got the pin on Captain America. On the fourth episode of TMN Green he faced Goku in a singles match to determine which one of them would be in the 7vs7 tag match between the two brands. Bandit Keith showed his resiliency against the Saiyan, kicking out of two well placed kicks to the head and a stunner. Bandit Keith would win the match after hitting Goku with the In America powerbomb placing himself alongside Ryu and Frieza for the 7vs7 match. Bandit Keith would put up a great showing, even pinning Hardcore Champion The Tick, but would lose the title later in the match to Ash Ketchum. His team would later lose the match. Keith would attack King Leonidas backstage and pin him to reclaim the Hardcore Championship but would lose it not long after to Green Goblin. He would later appear at M4Gamania in the Hardcore gauntlet match as the last competitor and would face the Hulk for the Hardcore Championship. He would put up a good fight but would lose. Bandit Keith would then be put in a 10-man battle royal for a shot at the M4G-Nation Green Championship at the Big Bang. Bandit Keith would come out at the number 8 spot eliminating Kazuya, Vegeta, Deadpool, and Zangief. After the match, Bandit Keith would be attacked by his former tag team partner and M4G-Nation Green champion, Captain America. Bandit Keith would put up a good fight kicking out of a pedigree and a spinebuster but would ultimately be put away by Captain America after a second pedigree.


  • Bandit Keith is one of few wrestlers in the M4G-Nation to fight while not employed. However, he was resigned after winning his return match.
  • Bandit Keith holds the record for longest time in a 7vs7 tag match lasting 2 hours and 27 minutes, shattering Dante's record of 1 hour and 20 minutes.


M4G-Nation Green Championship (1 Time)

Hardcore Championship (2 Time)

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